Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Persuasionists - Before & After

Rather than clog up my main blog with all the bits and bobs from this morning and inevitably tomorrow morning, I'm going to gather them here in one neat and tidy lump.  

There's not as much out there as I'd expected but I only did a cursory search. They're mainly based around press releases but the general mood seems to be 'good cast, rubs script'. 

Metro - Jan 6th

The Times  - Jan 9th and bless 'em for still billing this under 'Big Interviews' on the TV home page today.

...but then they also print this.

A little piece with Daisy in the Scottish Daily Record yesterday, then

This is funny - a nice picture of Joe with Adam almost obscured in TV Guide and the front page just showed Joe as the thumbnail! What a bunch of sillies and I don't know what this publication is but it made me grin.

Just a couple of bits of feedback from the following morning....Tom Sutcliffe has taken the time to make a considered review which isn't all bad, in The Independent and Keith Watson ran this rather amusing piece The Metro . Tom might do something in his weekend show, I guess.

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