Friday, 6 January 2017

6Music has made a little Zavid trail video

As David Bowie's 70th birthday approaches, it inevitably brings the anniversary of his death too.

6Music have gone batshit crazy with their coverage including some odd scheduling of Adam's 2 hour documentary.

They've split it in two and will air part two in the middle of the night, with part one the following lunch time,(Sunday, 8th January) which works perfectly with the iPlayer

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Adam and Joe's 20th Anniversary Live Chat - the fan videos

There's so much to say about this evening but I'm going to start by collecting the tiny epics that fans so lovingly made, in no particular order.

Chris Salt "Tiny Lego Cafe"

Moose Allain "Adam and Joe Dancers"

Jamie Lenman "The Queen"

Adam&Joe Tiny little Cafe from Ben charman on Vimeo.

Harry Dwyer "Classical Jungle"

Adam and Joe - Travellin' Tales Jingle from Matt Partridge on Vimeo.

Adam & Joe's Travellin' Tales from Steve Kirby on Vimeo.

Ferntree "Retro Text the Nation"

Made up Jokes from Tanya Scott on Vimeo.

ADAM & JOE 6 MUSIC JINGLE -- (OO SHWA, MY NIPPLES) from Michael Aubtin Madadi on Vimeo

SketchyMagpie "Masque of the Red Death"


Nick Murray Willis - "Podcast Groove jingle"

and finally:

Adam and Joe - "My Nipples" jingle video from Ed Barrett on Vimeo.

Friday, 25 December 2015

The Illustrated Adam Buxton Podcast Ep 12

Finally, series one of The Adam Buxton Podcast is complete with an Adam and Joe style illustsration from Sally Grosart.