Wednesday, 2 December 2009

#TwitSquadron: Help give Megan (@discho) the birthday of her dreams!Sign Here

One of the most beautiful Twitsquadron members of our rank has a birthday on Saturday and I'm wondering if our combined forces can make her dream come true by eliciting a mention on the show or even a lickle song.

She'd probably like a gentle kiss from Joe and a lick from Boggins so lets see if collecting a few comments here from other squadron members might do the trick. I realise they get literally hundreds of requests for dedications but perhaps we can have a voice from the merits of our special Twitter solidarity. Let's make this happen!

I'll collect them together and mail them later on Friday or early on Saturday.

You can post a comment using your Twitter account and don't worry about being a Black Squadron member. This is an all day operation.

If nothing else, let's collect some birthday greetings for Megan!