Thursday, 20 May 2010

Public Enemy's Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man - Bucklesstyle #AdamBuxton #SaveBBC6Music

You don't mind me making a random post, do you?

Here's a sweet little Mini-Baby-Buckles intervention, cleaning up this naughty, naughty track to make it all Sunday and nice for you.

There are three days left for the whole show's worth of iPlayer fulfilment.  It featured the incomparable Peter Serafinowicz as the guest contributor and you can find the track listing at the 6Music Blog.  

If you've failed yourself in some way by only just discovering the aural rejuvenating bacta fluid that is Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape, you could have a little fiddle around here to see if some idiothole has found a magical way for you to dance through a sort of time-space continuum and bring you shows from the mysterious past.

If you really are in some unholy rush to listen to the show from last Sunday and have no discernible appreciation of the musical content, you can hotwire your device into what is called a Pod Cast. These 'pods' are only cast once a week and after seven days they sink into the swamps of Dagobah like last week's R2 unit.


You may not listen to any of the content herein, read any of the 'words' or click any of the links unless you are absolutely committed to attending the Save BBC 6Music and Asian Network protest on Saturday. Applications for exemption to this ruling will all be considered but they'd better be flippin' good ones.

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