Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wishing Stephen! a bright tomorrow...and a podcast trail #AdamAndJoe

Not only the precipitator of a worldwide phenomenon but also I feel, part of the 6Music family, Steve (Stephen!) Curran had a beautiful earworm played out by Shaun W Keaveny the other morning to mark his last day in a long-held position of work. You can popropriate the arse out of this by singing "Steve's Leaving Work". I know I did.

6Music has been using the term "best bits" in this trail for over a week now. I think they mean the podcasts*.

If you're tickled senseless with the memory of when Joe was a bit cross but felt unable to do his own ranting on air, you can relive the glorious memory in all it's volume and giggles, here (other clips are available, or probably will be in the fullness of time).

If a podcast simply isn't long enough for you, sadly there are only a few more hours to catch to the final Glastonbury show on the iPlayer and don't forget to check out the latest 6Music blog entry to orientate yourself while you're listening.

*I do have issue with this, lovely Beeb. If people 'go to the 6Music website' as suggested, they see a link marked Best Bits but it doesn't have anything about Adam and Joe. You'd have to know they were referring to the podcasts to try that link in the menu bar and since they are understandably no longer listed in the programmes department, a newcomer to the station would probably leave with a shrug. 

Furthermore, the Glastonbury shows were only accessible via the Glastonbury microsite and not through Adam and Joe's area. The effect on their placement in the Most Popular section of the iPlayer was quite dramatic as a result. Just Saying.

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