Friday, 9 December 2011

Will Lars Von Trier ever plunder Joe Cornish's brain for another film? #AdamandJoeXFM

I've been meaning to knock this one out and it drifted across my laser head last night by way of a reminder.

Yeah, I realise Lars saw fit to miss some of Joe's carefully thought out details when he made Melancholia but in a glass-half-full way, that leaves the opportunity for Joe to expand on the idea himself in the wait, Joe never divulges ideas he thinks he might need for himself......

From XFM Series 2 Ep 7 (as the Adam and Joe Fan Community describe it) around March 2005.


Don't forget, James Coffee Starling has sifted through a handful of the best bits from the 2011 Adam and Joe Radio Shows to make three glorious hours of 6Music joy on New Year's Eve.

Adam Buxton is having a fiddle down under in January with what I hope will be a corked-hat filled version of BUG and this means BUG29 will hit the BFI in February for which you can buy tix in January.

He's made a lovely festive YouTube video to warm your cocks and gladden your heart.

Joe Cornish has gone back to being lazy again.

If you see him in the street, just shout 'yo stretch!' and that'll wake him up. Hopefully, it won't make him drop the bundle of scripts he's carrying in a reenactment of that incident in Borders with the silly stand.

The product of his last burst of activity is available in a handy-to-wrap-for-Christmas shaped variety of boxes. Don't rent it, you fools. You'll miss all the lovely extras.



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