Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day: Adam Buxton joins in the Shaun Keaveny Fur Fun

Any dedicated 6Music listener will know that Shaun Keaveny shed some fur today in the most brutal fashion but for the cause of Comic Relief. Adam Buxton was there to master the ceremony in front of a lucky audience in the BBC Radio Theatre.

There are pictures here and you can listen to a clip on the 6Music website.

The full audio from that part of the show is below.

You can donate in so many ways and it's really easy. £5 buys a mosquito net that can help prevent one person getting malaria or provide, transport and administer a vaccine. It can help offer support to someone in isolated distress a few yards from your home.

It was just a bit of back and a leg this time but if we don't act now, it could be an entire beard. For Boggins' sake, let's make sure we don't allow this mild de-fluffing to turn into a beardless epidemic. You wouldn't want to be reminded of how Adam looked in The Persuasionists, would you?

When you've done that, have a look at the other ways our beloved 6Music has been getting involved with the Red Nose Day thingies. Yet another reason why we saved our secret station.

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