Thursday, 24 April 2014

Adam Buxton in a West End theatre!

There are still two chances left to catch Adam's Kernel Panic show at the Duchess Theatre this week.

Tickets are available from the wonderful Invisible Dot emporium.

Adam and his bottom returned to a seat in the 6Music studio to discuss his shows and 2014 life with Shaun W Keaveny, a man who will always hold a fond place in my heart, not least because of his generosity in offering his morning slot to Adam and Joe for two weeks in 2007.

While he was in Western House, he also recorded this utterly pointless video, bless 'im.

If you're not able to get to London this week, there will be a few more opportunities in other parts of the country.

Check Adam's Events page and my silly calendar thing.  He'll also be appearing back in London for the Friends of the Earth "The Big Laugh".

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