Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Adam Buxton Brings BUG to BBC Norfolk's Music VideoFestival #AdamBuxton #SaveBBC6Music

If you're in the Norwich area, don't miss the chance to be a part of this wonderful festival.  
There are still some tickets left for Adam's show tomorrow night. Remember, this is the show that sells out before public booking begins when it's on in London. I should warn you, once you've been to a BUG, you'll never want to miss one.
Adam cycled into the BBCNorfolk studios to talk to Stephen Bumfrey and promote the show this afternoon. He puts in a good word for 6Music and as always, was the loveliest, most entertaining and charming man.  In just over an hour, the Listen Again feature will be active and Adam turns up at around 95 minutes into the show.
Lovely BBC Norfolk have an 'Introducing' strand and they tweet here.

If funky Norfolk chitty chat is not able to grip you for a full three hours, Adam's conversation is here and below.  Forgive the pings as I forgot to turn my Mail alerts off.  There is a solid precedent for doing that as I've heard Adam's incoming mail on BBC 6Music before now.

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