Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bromley and Snot were at the actual GlastonburyFestivals! #AdamAndJoe #OlympicMascots #GlastoSquadron #TwitSquadron

It seems almost impossible to believe that Adam and Joe were not made aware of this.
My day-long throttling of all the image search engines revealed that Bromley And Snot, the original pro-type Olympic Mascots were lolloping around the site all the time.
It's not clear how well they enjoyed the bands as they only seem to have one ear each but surely the smells alone were enough to convince them to return next year. They have great cooking skills since the designers have seen fit to install them with integral oven-gloves and their total lack of genitals will ensure that we will never, ever see the like of these ponces again.

(another part of the interview Adam and Joe did with Wild Beasts on Saturday)
Seriously, somebody needs to give me a job. I can't go on wasting my time on nonsense like this!

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