Sunday, 26 December 2010

Adam and Joe Gift Suggestions

Did you get a gift from somebody to whom you gave nothing?  Is that because you don't like them very much and haven't a clue what their interests are because you switch off every time they speak?

Why not open up a lovely new page in your browser and send a gift-wrapped token as selected by Adam and Joe.

Adam to Joe - A Sony Gold Award.

Adam to Joe: Top Gear Calendar.


Joe to Adam: Lady Gaga Tab Book (listen to the original track on Spotify)

Adam to Joe: Keith Richards 'Life' although it should be noted that Adam refers to this version.


Joe to Adam: Body Language


Joe to Adam: John Lennon.


Adam to Joe: The gift of a personalised notebook.

Give me a break. HOW could I know what the thing looked like?


Joe to Adam: Arsenal Wrist Watch. I found one with a velcro strap yesterday but it's lost in my history (can't have been Amazon)



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