Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Watch Adam hosting Never Mind The Buzzcocks on the iPlayer #AdamBuxton

It's only there for a week and when its gone, it's gone......sort of.....unless you find it in one of those other places.


If you're as fed up as I was when the announcer talked all over Adam's closing jingle jongle, he's kindly put it here for you to right click and save.

Check out the website for other hilarious clips from behind the scenes, why don't you?

You'll also find a link to this fairly old but presciant blog post.

The viewing figures were very respectable and at the moment, it looks like the iPlayer is overloaded.

I wish that page linked to Adam's Country Man films...and more to the point, when will they post the fifth episode which he has been showing at BUG for a few weeks now? ....No WAIT the DID publish it yesterday!!