Sunday, 23 September 2012

Memory Bipp: Adam Buxton on Will Smith's Tao of Bergerac. #AdamBuxton

Every time I watch a new episode of The Thick of It, featuring Will Smith in the acting and writing chair (pehaps even directing?), I am reminded of his nutty Nettles fandom and Adam's contribution therein.

This is no doubt the springboard which enabled Will to buy his golden palace and take holidays on a private planet. This show is from August 2007 when things were better.

You do have to register to access this file but it's free & sometimes a bit useful. If you find you're utterly hooked on this delicious nonsense, you can buy the full series from the BBC (via Amazon).

......perhaps Will might fancy joining Adam for his new 6 Music show. I mean, he's tall, silly sexy, handsome and clever. I'm sure he could launch the odd torpedo if pressed. We'd hardly know the difference........

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