Friday 28 October 2011

Joe Cornish at the London Screenwriters Festival this afternoon #Tintin #AttacktheBlock #Londonswf


With thanks to @Londonswf for the picture which I have stolen, without even asking, until such time as I'm asked to remove it. *

Joe spent an hour in conversation at the London Screenwriters Festival this afternoon.  

Here follows a selection of the tweets and I'm expecting Leilani Holmes to summarise on their blog at some point. These are better read from the bottom up. I don't have time to format them any better than this at the moment. 

 Holly Wilson

Joe Cornish's talk most inspiring of today - forget everything everyone says about writing and watch loads of films! 


 writer  recommends 1970s  debut  for up and down endings.

 Jan Gilbert

 has avoided all drama boxsets he says u need to survive at dinner parties eg wire, sopranos 

 Jan Gilbert

! Lot of American reviews of  said  subversive for killing off some of his teen characters. 


 recommends mood boards as for him film is about tone and action - not so much dialogue. 


Attack the Block writer  is speaking right now at : "Reading script help books gave me writer's block!"

 Leilani Holmes

 Joe Cornish is very giving with his replies. He's an edgy guy too. I like him. He's deadly honest.

 Jan Gilbert

Lot of bulked-up subplots in  came about as Bruce Willis unavailable for filming.  

 Jan Gilbert

Joe Cornish's fav film at film school was . Top man! 

 Leilani Holmes

 Wherever possible he tried to record unmitigated behavior in the actors. But impro doesn't happen on set, it's too expensive.


Joe Cornish on 'TinTin' - "As the writer you're a guardian of the script but the film is an amalgamation of the whole teams ideas & efforts"

ha ha....after saying he'd just finished all the research for his next film, Joe is now saying he's still doing it 

 Andrea Mann

  JC did Robert McKee course & read screenwriting books, but they just made him feel like he was doing something wrong.

  JC: 'I just tried to write the sort of thing I'd want to see'.

 Screenwriters' Fest

Take advantage of all the people around you, the crew, the art directors and most importantly the actors - Joe Cornish 

 Leilani Holmes

 In one of his first meetings with Spielberg he is ashamed he asked if there were aliens in Indiana Jones 4.

 In TinTin there were challenges. He had to condense the characters to all be present at one time & add story to the weaker bits.

 Andrea Mann

  JC recommends reading the transcript of a Lucas/Spielberg/Kasden script meeting re Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

 Leilani Holmes

 He finished the TinTin script before Attack the Block was made and that was through Edgar. Peter Jackson often there in person.

 Joe just said that he read the making of Star Wars and if the Death Star came from budget constraint then it shouldn't worry us.


'Approach it as something you like & not a chore' Joe Cornish &  on writer's block at  2011

 Jan Gilbert

Joe Cornish likes writing after 3pm as that's when school ended. So writing after 3pm feels like fun; before, feels like work! 

 Leilani Holmes

 Never stop 'plussing' (improving stuff) is his thing but it can be very tiring during production when writing & directing.


'Don't worry about not writing, wait until your brain-bucket is so full of stuff that you can't not write' - Joe Cornish at  2011

'I was the best in my class at drawing the ghostbusters logo' Joe Cornish at  2011

 Leilani Holmes

 He had to test & prove the monsters worked six months before shooting.

 Joe says there's the 'withhold the monster' which can be bad if the monster is rubbish or you can work with reveal & multitude!

 Joe Cornish now talking about Attack the Block. He had an outline and a mood board of his drawings and photos, then fleshed out.


Joe Cornish - Attack The Block- came up withe idea after being mugged?!  

 Screenwriters' Fest

 Conversation with Joe Cornish 

 In the house @ Regent's College 

 may have my dream job working with  . let's hear what he has to say on the matter. 

* but I'm going to be out for few hours tonight.....

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Watch Adam hosting Never Mind The Buzzcocks on the iPlayer #AdamBuxton

It's only there for a week and when its gone, it's gone......sort of.....unless you find it in one of those other places.


If you're as fed up as I was when the announcer talked all over Adam's closing jingle jongle, he's kindly put it here for you to right click and save.

Check out the website for other hilarious clips from behind the scenes, why don't you?

You'll also find a link to this fairly old but presciant blog post.

The viewing figures were very respectable and at the moment, it looks like the iPlayer is overloaded.

I wish that page linked to Adam's Country Man films...and more to the point, when will they post the fifth episode which he has been showing at BUG for a few weeks now? ....No WAIT the DID publish it yesterday!!

Saturday 15 October 2011

Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have been spreading Ant-man rumours all over their naughty shop #AntMan

[wpvideo 0eU22C8f]

and because I was brung up proper, I thanked him.

I can be SUCH a show-off sometimes...........and he called me 'Ant-y' so that means I can work on the movie-that's-not-happening, doesn't it?



Watch Joe Cornish LIVE in the actual New York Comic Con! #Attack the Block

I have no idea if this will work or be on time but around 4pm in the UK (that's 11am on the East Coast) Joe should be interviewed live by Marvel.

Video streaming by Ustream

Friday 7 October 2011

Joe Cornish talks to BBC Radio Scotland #AttacktheBlock

For the release of the Attack the Block DVD, Joe did some more talking.

Meet Attack the Block's Pest, Hi-Hatz & Tonks tomorrow and Sunday ! #AlexEsmail #JumaynHunter #SelomAwadzi

Meet Attack the Block cast!

Reminder: Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest is this weekend.

From around 10am to 8pm in the CYBER MARKET HALL

Alex Exmail (Pest), Jumayn Hunter (Hi-Hatz) and Selom Awadzi (Tonks) will be signing photos (for a tiny fee to cover the concession rental), chatting and being generally awesome. Please go and say hi to them.

There are other events at CAMDEN HEAD and ODEON CAMDEN TOWN so you can make a day of it.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Anyone Can Play Guitar screening hosted by Adam Buxton #Radiohead #Supergrass #AdamBuxton

This promises to be an evening too remarkable to miss:

We are delighted to welcome director Jon Spira, Radiohead members Colin Greenwood and Ed O'Brien, and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass for a post-screening Q&A hosted by BUG front man Adam Buxton, plus more beats and basslines in the Benugo bar courtesy of Sonic Cinema’s co curator, DJ Tayo Popoola.


Tickets have been selling fast for this 4th November event but there are plenty left. Adam's Q&As are entertaining enough when they're with people he's only just met so imagine how cool this will be with his lovely friends.

The following soundnubbin contains many spoilers but you may remember Adam talking about the film at some length back in the day.

(From 16th April 2011, 6Music)

There are three other opportunities to see Count Buckules at the BFI in November (17th, 18th & 25th) and he's up North this month too.