Monday 23 July 2012

For @Ultraculture The version of Baby Love that Gordy rejected #AdamAndJoe

For some years, from the comfort of his short trousers, Charlie Lyne toiled at the fan-face of the Adam and Joe community. It is always a pleasure to offer some kind of small payback for those bygone efforts.

In response to his enquiry, here's a clip from nearly five years ago when Adam and Joe got up at some health-threateningly early hour to cover for Shaun W Keaveny while he was away for two weeks.

From 30th August 2007 (Sorry, the sound quality isn't top notch 128bps)

If you're capable of multi-tasking, why not look at Charlie's blog while you're listening. It's the shiz.

Wait, no....this is The Shiz.

Friday 20 July 2012

He's got a blog. He's got a blog. Rooty, Rooty Schmooty #AdamBuxton

....and he's ruddy well updated it again!

If you were quick to read the latest post, you'll probably be a fan already and won't need telling how much Adam loves Joe, how entranced he is by his daughter (& sons), the measure of respect he has for the team behind BUG and you'll probably know that the warmth and candor he shows in interviews is to his enormous credit rather than exposing any perceived wallyocrity.

As ever with Adam, his blog is carefully balanced in it's aim to put right a few omittions made by the interviewers whilst retaining a respectful nod to those toiling at the coal face of the printing presses by appearing to bear the burden of error....or 'wallyishness'.

It's a treat to have two blog communications in one month. It puts me to shame but in my defence, if Adam blogs, you don't need me to.

.....except for the odd bit of Joe news, I guess.



Monday 16 July 2012

Podcast Intro Day: The Last One #AdamAndJoe

I've strung this out as long as I could but it's with a heavy heart that I post the last of the intros.

If you're going to be a pendant* it's an intro jingle from the unstoppable Adam so no warbling from lazy, old Joe**, and a pre-outro Boggins song, once again from Adam.

When I clipped this out, I let it run to the end of the pod to include all the thanks and farewells which sweetly includes a little mention of this Auntie Nubbins character. This all feels rather final now. I shall go into the corner and cry for a while.

From 26th June 2011

* Shaun W Keaveny told me that's how to spell it.

** He's not lazy, he's just a bit less warbles productive. I love him. I love them both. I want them back. I miss them.

Episode Two of Adam Buxton's BUG is on Sky Atlantic tonight. The awesome first episode and some wonderful extra clips are available at the Sky website. The BUG 5th Birthday phone app is still available, you know.

Joe is (in no particular order) adapting Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash", preparing to shoot an adaptation of Royden Lepp's "Rust", preparing to shoot his adaptation of Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash"

Sunday 15 July 2012

One from the tiny mind of Auntie Nubbins #AdamBuxton

I wanted to look at both of yesterday's glossy magazine pages about Adam simultaneously and when I did.....look what happened.

I spent a few minutes trying to get them perfectly in register but without a nicely locked-off tri-pod, I didn't stand a chance and it r e a l l y wasn't worth it.

If you have the Guardian Magazine, you're probably scratching your head and wondering why your picture is different to mine. Adam really doesn't like the picture used in that article. 'Someone' even changed it for the web copy so there's no way I was going to sully my pages with it. I swapped that one in because he used it at the Electric Proms so I figured he was probably pleased with it and it fits the space in a similar way to the one they had. Stop me if I'm getting too anal about this.

You can read both wonderful pieces on-line without paying or anything.



Oh....and here's a local review of his Latitude set from yesterday.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Once again, Adam Buxton has created a meme #AdamBuxtonsBUG #BUGMusicVIdeos #SkyAtlantic

Now that most* people have adopted 'sutin' into their everyday vocabulary, Adam has given us something new to get our chops around.

From Monday's BUG, we have 'my CONDOLENC'.

For Sky Atlantic subscribers, Adam Buxton's BUG is repeated late at night all week and is also available on Sky Go.

The tweets from people who tweeted the phrase are too many so you'll have to explore it yourself but here are just the ones that have been hash-tagged.

Results for "#mycondolenc"


Watched show BUG on via app last night... good show... Great vid at the end too

Your is the closest I've come to feeling better about my hair, The Newsroom and Andy Murray.

Adam Buxton's Bug is the stupidest thing I've ever laughed at so hard I've nearly wrecked my throat.

great show . Look more like De Niro every day. Cheers Sky Atlantic, not just great US shows.

Great show sir! Loved the music vid at the end. Have series linked for record!

someone very close to me has recently been bereaved. Remind me not to say please.

fantastic first episode of Bug on Sky Atlantic

Perfect for hospitals, break ups and funerals.

So glad there's still another 7 episodes of Adam Buxton's BUG to come.

I feel very sorry for you if you didn't just watch on Bug just fact I'd day, my CONDOLENC

...I dont really know what I'm talking about....

The first was great.

*'most people' meaning 'some of my friends'.

Monday 9 July 2012

Podcast Intro Day: Adam and Garth #AdamAndGarth

Joe had to dash off on some Ant-Man business or sutin in the middle of their short 2011 run. Lovely Garth Jennings stepped in but they didn't trample all over the Adam and Joe schtick with a sung intro. I thought it would be nice to include this today however, since all indications are that Garth's new Summertime Blues video will feature in tonight's BUG on Sky Atlantic at 9:30pm.

From 21st May 2011

BUG on Sky Atlantic details here.

Sunday 8 July 2012

BUG Begins This Monday! #AdamBuxton

This show was originally scheduled to air in the Autumn but Sky loved what they saw so much they've brought it forward to their much lauded New Comedy Season and plopped it right between Alan Partridge and Armando Iannucci's Veep.  This is exquisite programming and something for Adam and the BUG team to be very proud of.

SKY have really licked their BUG microsite into shape now. 

There's a little teaser clip including a Radiohead item,  Adam takes us Behind the Scenes at the Riverside Studios where BUG on TV was filmed, a "Bug Bites" feature with a selection of BUGs favourite videos and a brief look at how Garth Jennings directed Adam in a video for Guitar Wolf's version of Summertime Blues. Hopefully, this "Meet the Director" feature will be a regular clip to go with each of the eight upcoming shows.

Adam has been talking to the press:

The Times

The Irish Times


Guarding Blog

Guardian Guide


Monday 2 July 2012

Podcast Intro Day: New Age Coin #AdamAndJoe

I reinstated this tag a week later than I should have done so this was missed on 2nd April.

It's The Return Of The Saint with an New Age twist and they both run out of steam.

From 2nd April 2011


Apparently, the Adam and Joe game of pass-the-Boggins-parcel has shunted the poor, sweet, stinky thing in the direction of CBBC who are using him for their live sportball commentaries. 

I see tweets about this from time to time but have yet to muster enough enthusiasm to check for myself.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Six of the Best #AdamBuxton #BUGMusicVideos

Adam did his best for yesterday's Times Saturday Review.

"My new TV show BUG is a medium to showcase the brilliance of the music video. It's been running as a live show at the BFI for about five years, and the aim is to introduce people to innovative and groundbreaking videos, and highlight the funniest comments about those videos from the You Tube community. So rather than me coming out with some half-baked,  pompous crap, I'm using other people's half-baked, pompous crap. I'm a fan of things that are simple and work within boundaries. The constraints of the music video are such that you come out with stuff that you don't get with any other medium. The main constraint is time - they're short. Most music videos don't outstay their welcome, and in that short space of time you have to put across all kinds of visual and metaphorical ideas, and you have to do it quickly and succinctly or people will get sidetracked. When that's done right, nothing is more exhilarating. A good video can reinvent a boring piece of music, or make you hear it in a  different way and make you realise that you were missing the point. I found it difficult to choose six because the ones I have seen recently tend to be the ones I remember but here's a mixture of old and new.
BUG starts on Sky Atlantic, July9, 9:30pm"

Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra - Daniels It's an epic stuffed with ideas - a guy gets into a car accident and then flashes back through his life. There's lots of simple visual tricks but it's beautifully done and seamlessly integrated.


They Come To Get Us - The Death Set - Guillaume Panariello This is crammed full of pop cultural references - images from The Simpsons, Star Trek, SpiderMan and video games. It's spectacular.


Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel - Stephen R Johnson I was so excited the first time I saw this. It was an event. It was done by Aardman. Back then, you had no control over when you saw it. I was constantly living in a state of anxious hope that it would be on.   


Knife - Grizzly Bear - Encyclopedia Pictura It is completely odd and  - like a lot of music videos - packed with really strange, ludicrously obscure and pretentious imagery. But it's done with so much flair and imagination.


Weird Fishes - Radiohead - Tobias Stretch Tobias Stretch is from Pennsylvania and he shoots most of his stuff in the Appalachian Mountains. It's just him with a digital stills camera and he does a lot of stop-motion stuff with these big, weird puppet creatures that he creates. He submitted this video for an Aniboom competition, which he won. It is just brilliant.


Let Forever Be - The Chemical Brothers - Michel Gondry This is my favourite. It's mind-boggling. It's a simple idea, but it's still hard to express in words. Gondry takes video effects - wipes, transitions etc - and represents them in real life; making home-made versions of things that previously only existed in the technological world. I don't even like the track that much, but the video goes perfectly with the music. And it hurts your mind to try to work out how he did it.