Thursday 31 March 2011

Black Squadron Jingles! #AdamAndJoe

Adam sometimes threatened to make new Black Squadron jingles which would be very exciting but in the meantime, a reminder won't hurt, will it?

....originally sort of requested by this Tweeter who kindly reminded me of this



You can find all the commands we've had so far, listed here.


In addition to his bi-monthly BUG shows at the BFI in London, Adam is    playing Manchester in May and Norwich in June



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Lego Stivs #AdamAndJoe

Nearly a year before Chris Salt made his celebrated film for Adam's Jane's Brain song*, Adam and Joe were wondering what the nubbin interlockers were called.

If you detect a strange faltering or even perhaps the sense of a ramshackledness in this clip it's because they were tired from getting up nearly half a day before they should have done, they were frightened and nervous of the Big British Behemoth Bruiser and generally way out of their depth.

They deputised for Shaun W Keaveny's Breakfast show for two weeks in August 2007 and frankly, the station has never really been the same since.

It was during their first foray into the Castle when so many of their now beloved themes were hewn from the rampart's rock. Song Wars, Text The Nation and Songwars and Text the Nation.

22nd August 2007

*Jane's Brain was Adam's first submission for Song Wars - a feature that was born during the second week of their tenure on the Breakfast Show for Shaun.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

On The Trail Of Adam And Joe

With only a few days left to go before the great returning ceremony, another trail flobbed it's way up our ear passages yesterday.

....and in case you missed it,  here's the trailer from the weekend.

You may like to know that Ben Mercer is playing live tonight.


 Adam is playing Manchester in May!


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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Cupboard Love #AdamAndJoe

More from the show when Adam was waiting in a cupboard for his tiny woman to be born.

The brilliant concept of TV on the radio.

From 4th October 2008


Adam is playing Manchester in May!

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Monday 28 March 2011

What a Brilliant Idea! Freestylin' on the Solace #AdamAndJoe

According to my database (you knew I had one of those, right?) I have not noodled this nugget in your noggins so far but I can't think why.  It's where the first Seed of Solace was Sewn.

There was an heartening amount of chatter about Adam & Joe's songs when ITV1 premiered the first terrestrial showing of the film at the weekend.

From 5th July 2008

Adam is playing Manchester in May!


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Sunday 27 March 2011

Adam drops into Stephen Merchant's show #AdamBuxton

Can it really be two years since this show was a regular appointment on a Sunday afternoon? 

From The Steve Show on 25th March 2007

Saturday 26 March 2011

A Fond Adieu to Andrew Collins, Richard Herring and Michael Legge

Andrew Collins was joined by his friend, Michael Legge to perform the last deputising show of their ever expanding run in the 10am - 1pm Saturday slot today.

I'd like to say he'd kept the slot clean and tidy for Adam and Joe but most of the shows included his other friend, Richard Herring who is renowned for his fascination, nay obsession with messy slots. What I will say is that they certainly made it their very own and are most deserving of all the weeping heard up and down the country at lunchtime today.

Do catch their final-for-the-time-being show on the iPlayer while you can. It was a thing of beauty. We know Andrew to be a sensitive and emotional little thing but he seemed to keep it together with a confidence that implied he knows he'll never be far away from 6Music.

There was a trail

and then a song

You may know that even if some kind of bias can occasionally be detected, in the big scheme of things, I have no favourites. This is what I actually tweeted:

If there's one thing that Andrew and I might have in common, it's the desire to maintain a sense of balance, so he finished the show with Joe's song and some thank yous.

I'm sure you need no reminder but Collins and Herring have a long-standing Collings and Herrin Podcast that will effortlessly delight and offend your ears at the push of a button.


We can look forward to Andrew's BBC Radio 4 drama called Mr Blue Sky starting on 16th May in the morning and that very evening Richard will begin what must be the third series of As It Occurs To Me  for which you can buy tickets here.  In some kind of genuis/idiotic way, such is the energy of the man, he may be coming to a town near you with his Christ On A Bike tour, as well.



More Childhood Trauma Tales #AdamAndJoe

Just a tiny little nuggellini today.

From 12th January 08

Adam is playing Manchester in May!

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Friday 25 March 2011

Freak your tiny little head out #AdamAndJoe

You get the picture.........

From 12th January 2008


Hurry along to the Attack the Block page on The Facebooking for a wickles competition.

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Thursday 24 March 2011

Exploding Scientific Myths and Plenty of Man Heat #AdamAndJoe

If I was going to make a detailed analysis of this bipplebop, I'd say that is starts off very shakily. This is essentially because Joe has some proper grownups information to impart rather than pointless kiddie-waffle but reassuringly it descends into the usual, albeit rather stilted double entendre.

Adam then grasps the serious mettle with his acquired scientific knowledge but in doing so touches on a few of Joe's more delicate parts which you'd think would upset him but he turns it around into some sexy nonsense and in the end, as always, it's only Jude who suffers.

I'm trying to work out why I haven't put this here before. Was I protecting some kind of modesty?

12th Jan 08

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Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Noise Of Love #AdamAndJoe

Adam has mades some sexy noises in his time but this one is right up there with the best.......and what's that? Oh listen, Joe is being wholly inappropriate again.

From 5th July 08

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Fun Tattoo Ideas For Your Toddler's Face #AdamAndJoe

I don't think anyone bothered to answer this question. I mean, they didn't seriously think this lazy bit of photoshopping was for real, did they?

2nd August 08

Monday 21 March 2011

The Secret Behind Making Twiglets #AdamAndJoe

Just a little nugglette from the Nubbins Randomiser today.  What can I tell you? I'm busy.

From 25th December 2010

Sunday 20 March 2011

Sporting Buddies #AdamAndJoe #DermotOLeary

The very sight of Der-mot conjures images of this show and Friday night's charity-a-thon was no exception.

If you enjoy even one second of these films, it's not too late to donate.





Saturday 19 March 2011

Cog Wrangling & Total Wipeout Spurning Anger #AdamAndJoe

Some of these squirtelles are just worth it for the giggles.

Both clips from 4th April 2009


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Friday 18 March 2011

Moonraker: Adam Buxton IS Michael Lonsdale and "A Woman" #AdamBuxton #JoeCornish

I love Michael Lonsdale so dearly and Adam seems to capture the very essence of his soul in this sliver of stibble. It also contains Joe's now beloved remembrance of Mr Moore's "a woman".

From 4th April 2009

In fact, while you're waiting for the Film Of The Idiothole's Year to hit your multiplex, why not take a look at Of Gods And Men.

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Thursday 17 March 2011

Stop The Slaughter #AdamAndJoe

I'm at my happiest when there's a balance to life and that includes Adam and Joe.

With all this enthusiasm surrounding the Haughty Man's hobby I was heartened to see the equilibrium restored with a blog entry from both the Handsome Man and Adam yesterday.


Seems like a day to hear one of Adam's most melodically enjoyable jingle jongles. It's like he's channelling angels, isn't it?

From 2nd August 2008

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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Wii Three Kings #AdamAndJoeAndGarth

Another bit of chittlebugging from that time when Adam was broadcasting from a cupboard in Norwich while his contractually attached life partner gestated a tiny human. Joe was too scared to sit in 6Music on his own so Garth joined him.

From 4th October 08

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Marching Like a Dirty Army #AdamAndJoe

The Quantum of Solace theme songs. The eternal crowd pleasers.


From 2nd August 2008

World Premiere of Attack The Block: Post Screening Q & A #AttackTheBlock

We're indebted to HeyUGuysBlog for their recording of the film introduction posted the other day and now they have a small film of the Q & A held afterwards. I'm losing hope that the SXSW channel will upload anything


Monday 14 March 2011

World Cup 2006 #AdamAndJoe

Adam and Joe fully immerse themselves in their favourite subject and such is their joy, they eventually burst into song.

From XFM Podcast 7

Sunday 13 March 2011

Authentic Street Slang #AttackTheBlock #JoeCornish #NickFrost

Earlier today, Joe joined Nick Frost on the sofa at The Crossroads House for a brief interview with IFC.  It will soon be on-line here but in the meantime, this is my very poorly synched taster.[wpvideo jZRYSzdS]


From South By Southwest, 13th March 2011

Edgar Wright Introduces Joe Cornish who introduces Attack The Block

You can sort your own hashtags out for that one. I'm just too stupidly happy to follow form.


With thanks to HeyUGuys and hopes for a bit of Q&A later?


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Adam had to sleep and Joe reveals that he thinks Jabba was 'nice', perhaps #AdamAndJoe

This is a little nugget from the triple nipple show when Adam lay in wait for his new baby human to arrive. More film analysis on a Sunday for you.

From 4th October 2008

Saturday 12 March 2011

Think of it as a DVD trailer #AdamAndJoe #AttackTheBlock #JoeCornish

For some years now, Joe has had a little hobby. He's noodled away at it diligently.

He's a closet, filmic word-worrier and by tomorrow he could be on the way to becoming a box-office botherer.

This small gem from a couple of years ago gives an insight into how his creative muscles flex and emphasises the importance Adam's role in bringing the film together.

We are fortunate to have this kind of material in our archives. I believe this scene is from reel seven......or the cutting room floor.....or part of a gag reel rejected from the DVD extras.

From 11th April 2009

Attack the Block: Written and Directed by Joe Cornish, premiere's in South By Southwest at midnight. I hope to goodness he's wearing clean pants.

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Friday 11 March 2011

Labyrinth at the New Beverly Cinema #AdamAndJoe

Joe joined Edgar in L.A. this week in an effort to get a little work done which happily coincided with the birthday fun of  Quentin Tarantino's March Madness season at the New Beverly.

It has put me in mind of another trip Joe made there.

From 2nd August 2008

Thursday 10 March 2011

A Very Charitable Day #AdamAndJoe

I was hardly likely to go a full day without shoving some Adam and/or Joe in your charity loving faces, was I?

This is old but it's for the children. It's for the children who like swear words and what self respecting kid wouldn't?

This has it all. It's got waves, smiles, step ladders, children, pauses, war, objectivity, black shirts, a tatty white sheet, a spelling bee, beards (it hasn't got any beards to speak of, really), hand porn, f-bombs, sensitive thought, perfect hair, the hint of a nose pick, mild band dissing, confusion, remote controlled eyebrow entertainment, swears, sincere concern and a little bit of embarrassment.

Seriously, tadpoles - Bad Word Warning!


If you really do want to do something useful with your lunch money, vote for 6Music's Shaun Keaveny!

Give a little bit #6Music #ShaunWKeaveny #ComicRelief @Shaun6Music

It's my blog and I'll ruddy well treat it how I like.

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Other BBC Presenters are available or something.


Wednesday 9 March 2011

A special, one minute show dedicated to farts #AdamAndJoe

This was in response to a request from John Reid.

Don, if you're insane enough to be an ego surfer, please understand that Adam and Joe love and admire you but somehow they slipped into silliness. No idea how that happened. It's most unusual.

From 24th October 09

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Exclusive: Early Bladerunner voice-over #AdamBuxton

Goodness only know where he found this* but back in June, Adam shared a newly unearthed clip from the now famously so-dull-they're-wickles Bladerunner voice-over master.
This clip was requested by the amazing blog contributor who goes by the webnick of Marge Gunderson. Feel free to make a request but you'd better be quick. I'll be resting my blog bothering when the proper show returns.

From Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape on 20th June 2010
* I'm guessing it was from that most fragile organ, his mind.

Monday 7 March 2011

The Sound Of Fun #AdamAndJoe

This sound is so very much fun that Jude seems to distract Joe by popping her top off. Flying in the face of tradition, it is Adam that goes too far today......but it was way back in 2008.

From 7th June 2008


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Sunday 6 March 2011

The Universe listens to the Adam and Joe podcast #JustSaying #Wonders

Professor Brian Cox has a long relationship with 6 Music's own Shaun W Keaveny but could he really have influenced the Universe's podcast choices?

from 31st October 09

A quantum of solace for Sophie #AdamAndJoe @SL_Prior

This is a randomly picked clip, posted in haste to lift the spirits of a #Twitsquadroner in need.  It also teases a burst from @WickWox which she has on her own blog.

From 4th March 09

Snogging Anne De Dweenerdoodee up the face #AdamAndJoe

More film watching suggestions for a Sunday.

Here we have the official imaginations of Joe Cornish including the full gambit of non-specific accents and we start with a bit of punnery confusion from Adam. For reasons that I can't really explain, this clip has another random toilet bit tacked on the end. Can't be arsed to chop it out. Deal.

From 5th July 2008

Saturday 5 March 2011

Unreliable? Just a bit busy. #GarthJennings #JoeCornish #AdamAndJoe

You couldn't help but love Garth Jennings when he stepped in for Joe. Without any attempt to imitate, he was every bit the match for him except that he flaunted his fondness for Adam more freely than The Haughtyman.
He even took care to make sure we knew he wasn't Joe.

From 20th September 2008

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Adam and Joe Song Wars Vol 2 is in the shops now. You can also buy it online from your store of choice.
If you have no respect for lovingly crafted artwork, you could just suck the data out of iTunes

Friday 4 March 2011

Attack The Block in a handy, condensed form or 'trailer', if you will. #JoeCornish


Still not watched it or the clips. I don't know much longer can I keep this up. I'm having to do some serious mind gymnastics on this one.

Adam Buxton stars in Little Face by Matthew Walker #AdamBuxton


Thursday 3 March 2011

Adam and Joe.....on the radio #AdamAndJoe #LaurenLaverne #6Music

This nuggletta is a no-brainer.

Yesterday, Adam stood atop a gusty outcrop and Joe popped his head out from under his duvet to simultaneously call Lovely Lauren with more (or fewer) details about their return to 6Music.  

Joe seems assured it's going to be 2nd April but Adam seemed to need a little more reassurance.

My work here is almost done and I shall invoke the winding down apparatus with joyful haste.

If you don't want to hear this with a burst of Dr Sexy at the can go straight to the BBC Website.

2nd March 2011

Andrew Collins made a sad but very entertaining post on his blog yesterday which you can read here. He and his unruly chum have made worthy alternatives for the duration and will no doubt return as soon as Adam and Joe get a bit tired again.


Wednesday 2 March 2011

Toff Chat #AdamAndJoe

I'm amused by the rapid decision making in Joe's voice here.

He starts to speak using the assumption that several of their listeners are the kind of people who are regularly interviewed by the press, realises that might be a dubious standpoint or at least an ironically elitist one but decides that if he continues with barely a falter in his voice, nobody is going to analyse that little bit of celebrity-centric nonsense.

From 7th June 2008

I know there's been some monumental news in the last 24 hours. I'm not ignoring it....I'm blogging about it. Listen out for a guest appearance on Lauren Laverne's show today.


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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Popping a glance at the old tots #AdamAndJoe

Joe helps Adam to interpret the body language of the people around him......and helps him with reading skills.

From 25th December 2010


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