Thursday 21 November 2013

Adam and Joe: The Secret Comedians of Tea-Time Telly

After the Tuesday tea-time excitment when Pointless featured an Adam and Joe related question, it seemed sensible to gather together all other such triumphs into one place.

Tuesday's first question in Pointless:

Then last year we had Comedy World Cup:


and in May 2012 The Chaser featured this:

In 2010 during The Weakest Link:

but it all started in 2009 when Joe noticed this Terry Wogan item for which I have only got the audio.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Cryptozoology #JoeCornish

Joe Cornish has always been an endearing idiot when it comes to cryptozoology.

He wrote a song about it and waffled it.

(available on iTunes)

If you want to watch some science, Channel 4 has a two part documentary that might interest you.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Joe Cornish Introduces Attack the Block this Wednesday

I know. I know. You don't get the tiniest whiff of his long shanks for months and then he pops up twice in one week. 

If you missed the chance to catch Joe's contribution to Ultra Culture's Great Teen Movie Debate on Saturday you can take solace in another couple of opportunities on Wednesday. You'll have to make the effort to get all the way to E3 but it'll be worth it. It's super easy on the buses and tube.

Danny Boyle has curated the Shuffle Festival. That's a clever word meaning he did the choosing and he chose Attack the Block as one of a very diverse selection of films.

They're showing them in and around the disused psychiatric hospital at St Clement's in Mile End Road, E3 4LH.

The full programme is here and you're going to kick yourself when you see what you've missed already.

This Wednesday, 14th August 2013, Attack the Block will be shown indoors at 7:00pm for the weather-phobes. If you've got a laissez-faire attitude and your plastic, pocket poncho handy, you could opt for the 8:30pm outdoor screening. Joe will introduce both of them.

There's an intrepid sense of make-do-and-mend about St Clement's. The indoor screening will have church hall style chairs, bean bags and benches. They'll be a few of those outdoors too plus a couple of pews and lots of lovely red deck chairs, so you can pretend you're Rhys Ifans while you're watching.

If you were to pitch up earlier, you could check out the variety of food and drink. There are performance pieces and video installations in one of the derelict buildings. I recommend the work of Susan Aldworth who's exhibiting two films that feel like a blend of early David Wilson & early Cyriak with a touch of The Drowned Man thrown in.
Danny Boyle really loved Joe's film.
There's a map of the area here. It's tiny but BIG.

I'm not sure what will be happening during the week but today there were bands, happy brains, bubbles & bingo.......but not just any was 'Car Boot Disco Bingo' -  a description which could not be more efficient.
I realise it sounds awful but it's very popular and everyone taking part looked fit to burst with joy.

Keep your eyes open because apart from spotting a Joe Cornish  ........ might also notice an amenable Danny Boyle.

If you're thinking 'cor, that looks really leafy and green', 
there are even patches of wild flowers.

......and if you didn't believe me, here are Bubbles, a Brain plan of happy thoughts and a Band fronted by Lionel.

 You might also find a princess on a Bike........

....some Boots.....(well, mainly shoes)

.....and a mind Boggling maze of memories and wood.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Colin Greenwood's Sunday Service with Jonny & Adam

Mary Anne Hobbs played a small sample of this afternoon's show featuring Adam quizzing Colin about fleas.

Adam Buxton had kindly put the full show on his Soundcloud channel, in two parts.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Colin Greenwood's Sunday Service feat. Jonny & Buxty

Starting this week and for three weeks only, Colin Greenwood will be sitting in for the Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service show on 6Music at 4pm - not sure what day yet, bwah ha ha.

The BBC Media Centre posted this last Thursday but those lazy music pressters had to wait for yesterday's personal email before they ran with it*. This made me smile. If it was the tiniest, fartiest nugget of spurious film news, the blogosphere would have gone nuclear.

6Music started running their trailer on Monday morning and Shaun's followed the one during his show with some random waffle that I thought Id include here.

It started with this:
I presume these shows were recorded either in Oxfordshire or Norwich-shire.....I'm gonna say Oxfordshire.

*Seriously though. I liked the old days when entertainment news came out when the involved parties where good and ready. This was meant more as a dig at over-excited bloggers than the lovely music press.

Friday 28 June 2013

Glastonbury Redux #AdamAndJoe

There are so many ways to enjoy Glastonbury on the BBC this weekend. Even the Radio iPlayer is going to have moving pictures, apparently.

Nonetheless, it's still hare to come to terms with a Glastonbury that doesn't include a bit of Adam and Joe. All I can suggest is that you might want to have a wander down memory lane with some old podcasts.

The most recent pods are still at the BBC Website - 1 - 2 - 3.

 Also note that Adam is helping Colin Greenwood while he sits in for Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service for three weeks in July.

Saturday 11 May 2013

I May Have a Little Too Much Time on My Hands

'Silver Duke' David Bowie Life Mask Sculpture 
(Limited Edition) by Mark Wardel.

This limited edition mask sculpture captures David Bowie at the height of his 1970s glamour as the "Thin White Duke".
Cast in fine quality plaster and finished in "mirrorchrome" by Montana silver acrylic paint, the mask is taken from a sculpture based on an original 1975 life cast of David Bowie made during production of the film "The Man Who Fell To Earth".

Edition of 300 signed and numbered on the back.

One of artist Mark Wardel  most treasured posessions is a 1979 hand written letter from David Bowie in Berlin, a thank you for a painting of the star Mark gave to Bowie at a London appearance . Since witnessing the infamous "Starman" TV performance in 1972 Mark's art, life and aesthetics have all, to some degree been influenced by Bowie, leading him to adopt his own alter-ego TradeMark and to working relationships with luminaries from the entire pop culture generation of "Ziggy's children". Artists including Boy George, Marc Almond, Holly Johnson and Kylie Minogue have all collected or commissioned works by the artist and his work has been featured in publications including GQ Style, Dazed & Confused, The Independent and the London Evening Standard as well as being exhibited in galleries and museums internationally.

This mask sculpture is a delicate art object and can not be worn as a mask. Avoid excess handling and clean by gently rubbing with a soft cloth.

Composition: Plaster of paris, paint
Dimensions:  22cm x 13cm
Availability:    This item will be available on 14/05/2013     Pre-order now.

The V&A Shop is the Online Store for the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the world's leading museum of art and design. Copyright 2012 V&A Enterprises Ltd

Saturday 27 April 2013

BUG Bowie Zenzation at the V&A #AdamBuxton

Tonight, at the V&A Bowie BUG Special, Adam revealed two animated films based on a couple of sketches from his 6Music documentary.


One of these was made by VideoWars friend/geniouz, Chriz Zalt!  He worked with the sequence where Zavid and Angie discuss a new character for his latest reinvention. As a reminder, you'll find the audio at 57 minutes here, where Neil Thomas has kindly noted "Cobbler Bob".

Scott Jones took this snapshot which I hope he doesn't mind me sharing.

Adam was careful to give Chris Salt his due credit as he did also to Dan Berry who made some wonderful drawingz which you'll find here!

I hope I can edit this later to embed the magnificent realizatitudation if & when it goes on YouTube. Everyone should be able to see something this brilliant.

The other animation was based on the Eno/Visconti sketch Adam did on his 6Music show (which you can find here at 1hr 29mins). This was made by The Brother's McLeod and once again, I do hope it turns up online soon as it was utterly brilliant.

The rest of the show was put together with the love and enthusiasm that Adam brings to all of his shows. We were told it would be 45 minutes but he did well over an hour in the end and clearly had more to tell.

I've seen sections of this routine about three times now and it's had me in stitches on each occasion. Adam always brings something different to each show he does.  A slight technical snafu gave us all a peek at the massive file of nuggets he's collected for these Bowie shows. He did hint at hoping he could make a full BUG Bowie Special from the material he'd gathered and I'd book in a heartbeat.

Friday 12 April 2013

Can You Spare 50 Pence for a Cuppa Tea? #AdamBuxton


To end this week of random nuggets, here's a gentle request for a charitable contribution to the St Francis Hospice Charity.

Thursday 11 April 2013

(Retro) Text The Nation Jingle Reversioning Redux #AdamAndJoe

Back in September 2010, I made a nugpost with a bit of RTTN history and various reversionings of both Joe's and Adam's Text the Nation jingle jongles.

During a recent revisit to the shows of 2011, I realised there are a few more that need to be committed to the archive.

This one was sent in by a gentleman whom, by way of a fact he revealed, hails from Glasgow which gives additional entertainment to delight and exacerbate.
By John T and from 4th June 2011

This is a personal favourite. Just a beautiful Pixies style version.

By Andy Phipps and from 11th June 2011

Joe's been spending quite a bit of time with Macca lately* so he had to chose his words carefully but there's no denying that this Beatles versioning by some real, in situ Liverpudlians is very clever.

By Nicholas Cecil Montgomery III and Dave. It's from 18th June 2011 * I really don't think he has.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

A Song About Nettles #AdamBuxton

Do you remember when Adam made a little song about nettles?

 From 18th June 2011

You can watch Adam's Country Man films here.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Monday 8 April 2013

Labyrinth Origins: The Potentiality of the Concept #AdamAndJoe #David Bowie #FrankOz

To salve the iPlayer expiring Adam's Bowie show, here's a nugget from 18th June 2011. It's almost as though Zavid Bowie and Frank Oz are in the room, isn't it?

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Eat It, Blackburn! #TonyBlackburn #DavidBowie #AdamBuxton

Oh ho ho ho, Blackburn. Laugh it up.

(from this rather delightfully nostalgic show)

Not one, but TWO versions of The Laughing Gnome were played on 6Music this weekend during Adam's top ten radio show.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Random Adam and Joe animation to brighten your Tuesday

Emma Hursey made this a her boy and bear. She shared it via Twitter so I hope she doesn't mind me posting it here. It tickled me and then mezmerised me.

She's chosen that picture of Joe that he's not keen on but it's secretly one of my favourites*.

*I need to check the meaning of the word 'secretly', don't I?

Sunday 31 March 2013

David Bowie's Package from Adam Buxton #Bowie6Music

For just seven more days, you can enjoy Adam's wonderful doc-com-mentile-ry on the BBC iPlayer or Listen Again feature. The tracklisting is also on that page.

I believe Adam aims to put some nuggets on his Soundcloud so subscribe and imbibe.

You can buy the zine Adam referred to here.

Do check the rest of the 6Music site for all the other wonderful Bowie shows.

If you'd like to read Adam wittering on about Hunky Dory, this is the word to click.

In the spirit of balance, I asked Tom Robinson to play Joe's Bathtime for Bowie during his 'Now Playing' show that followed Adam's. Tom is a very lovely being and so he elegantly obliged.

You can buy a beautifully mastered version of Joe's song and countless* other warblings from Adam and Joe's Song Wars here.

 *In the sense that I can't be bothered to count them.

Thursday 28 March 2013

The 6Music Buxton/Bowie page has been fixed

Thank goodness.

Adam has produced an entire two hours of Golden Bowie Nuggets all on his own for us to enjoy from 4pm on Sunday.

You can listen to the 6Music trails here.

Monday 25 March 2013

It Wuzza Lovely Surprise..... #AdamBuxton #DavidBowie

To wake up to a trail for Adam's Bowie show was a delightful surprise this morning.

There's a whole bunch of lovely Bowie-based stuff happening on 6Music this week but Adam's slot will be at 4pm on Sunday.

After lunch, another one popped into my ears.

6Music Bowie Schedule.

Friday 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day: Adam Buxton joins in the Shaun Keaveny Fur Fun

Any dedicated 6Music listener will know that Shaun Keaveny shed some fur today in the most brutal fashion but for the cause of Comic Relief. Adam Buxton was there to master the ceremony in front of a lucky audience in the BBC Radio Theatre.

There are pictures here and you can listen to a clip on the 6Music website.

The full audio from that part of the show is below.

You can donate in so many ways and it's really easy. £5 buys a mosquito net that can help prevent one person getting malaria or provide, transport and administer a vaccine. It can help offer support to someone in isolated distress a few yards from your home.

It was just a bit of back and a leg this time but if we don't act now, it could be an entire beard. For Boggins' sake, let's make sure we don't allow this mild de-fluffing to turn into a beardless epidemic. You wouldn't want to be reminded of how Adam looked in The Persuasionists, would you?

When you've done that, have a look at the other ways our beloved 6Music has been getting involved with the Red Nose Day thingies. Yet another reason why we saved our secret station.

Sunday 24 February 2013

For those of you who can't quite remember the Downton Xmasdetails #AdamAndEdith

For some, a Sunday evening is not complete without fiddle with the fusties of Antiques Roadshow followed by a quick bumpsy-daisy with the hoities & toities of ITV's jewel in it's programming crown.
If you're still feeling a gap or simply need to get the image of Mr Selfridge out of your mind, listen to Adam's condensed reminder of the now iconic Christmas 2012 Downton Abbey gloriganza.

From 29th December 2012

Thursday 14 February 2013

A day of romance #AdamBuxton #AdamAndJoe

Adam has given us the gift of a beautiful, sexy song to get you all nice and ready for bed and then on Lauren's 6Music show, we heard from a couple whom Adam and Joe brought together.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Mountford Hair Update: It's still like a cloud #JoeCornish

It must be very reassuring to know that when you write what is widely regarded as a "masterpiece", the poetry you weave within the lyric of such a tome remains a constant over the intervening years.

Such reassurance must today be the domain of one Joseph Murray Long-shanks Too-Busy-For-Radio Cornish Cornballs, or Dr Sexy if you will.

For to this day, the handsome poise of Margaret Mountford is indeed still crowned by a Barnet Fayre not unlike a cloud and Sian Williams was kind enough to embarrass the b'jesus out of the poor, dear woman on the Radio Four airwaves once again this morning to remind us.

Thanks to Katriona O'Connor for alerting me to this joyful noise.

You can listen again to the entire show here.

(Not wishing to be too picky, dear BBC but you could have got a far less compressed version from the beautiful CD released a couple of Christmases ago rather than this hissy thing sucked out of an old resources archive.)