Thursday 23 July 2015

Adam Drops Some Serious Info Bombs on Tom Dunne

I've been quiety sitting on this interview for a couple of weeks now.  Adam talked to Tom Dunne in Dublin town via the telephone last week (it's a new thing that looks like an electrical bone. It's amazing and it's the future*). It was in advance of his show at the Vodaphone Comedy Festival, which is happening tonight in a sold-out kind of way.

Adam revealed so many bits of information, both personal and careerical that I expected the interwebs to go nutzoid.

I don't know if you've noticed, but as I approach my sixth decade, I have pulled my socks up, sobered up and generally tried to calm down about things that my two favourite idiotholes do. I thought I'd sit back and let the rest of the web go bonkers so that I could gently retweet the reverie of others. I retweeted the link on the day but ..................

........WHERE ARE YOU, BLACK SQUADRON?  I have enough search thingumies in place still, to know that no such reverie was forthcoming.  I have to assume that this elite sleeper cell has completely dozed off, never more to be distrubed. WHERE ARE YOUR TOAST BRACELETS?

Perhaps some eggs have gone in ears instead of mouths and they're just not able to hear podcasts. Maybe the demise of the Adam and Joe Podcast has put them off ever listening to neatly compacted chitty-chat ever again but you'll have to trust me on this. Start listening to podcasts again and make this your first choice. It's gentle. It's less than a quarter of an hour long and it is packed with stuff.

I have not been able to see a download button on the site so I have cheekily and without malicious intent, sucked the thing out of the machine and put it somewhere for posterity, however you can listen on the NewsTalk FM website here.

Probably a bit late with this but lookie here.

*Not original thought. Cribbed from Coung Buckules.