Tuesday 31 August 2010

The day Joe bumped into Duncan Jones #AdamAndJoe

It's rather sweet and so typical of Joe that at the time, he didn't want to mention this on air.
Of course, since then Duncan has become a more willingly available figure in his own right and Joe publicly recounted this meeting whilst discussing Moon last year, so I'm not revealing any great secret here and it's no coincidence that I chose to mention it today.
This clip goes on to recount Adam's first meeting with Spickle Spockle Jonze and we all know how deeply embedded in Adam And Joe culture that relationship has become (despite the fact that Joe failed to ask the sacred six questions at the top of his interview with the now sleeping Edgar Wright).

From 29th October 05

Don't miss your chance to see Moon on the big screen. It is a breathtaking piece which stands up to multiple viewings. If you can be in Waterloo later on today, you'll be rewarded by a Q & A with Duncan Jones. Check availability here.

Monday 30 August 2010

Podcast Intro Day: Blinda Date-ah #AdamAndJoe

A crowd pleaser for the holiday weekend.

From the Podcast of the 21st November 2009 show
What's going on down there?
There's another nubble-bob here. That's unheard of on Podcast Intro day. It's a lovely public holiday in the UK and I don't even care if it's illegal because this is my special corner and I shall decorate it to my own liking.
Today, my own liking happens to topically reference Big Brother's Nikki and one of Joe's accents (his only accent).

From 2nd September 2006 (again)

Sunday 29 August 2010

They must really miss all those adverts #AdamAndJoe

A few tiddlers on the subject of show-length to waffle-content ratio.
The first three series of XFM shows were only two hours long and in the lazy afternoon. They were littered with commercials and premium rate phone-in features. This often meant there was only about forty minutes of banter to cook up.

When they returned from holiday in the summer of 2006 they had a new morning slot (can I say 'slot' on a Sunday?).
For a couple of months, it was extended by one hour. This was just to fit in more calls from listeners requesting the music they played (a feature called The X List) so they didn't actually need to find much more original nonsense.
However, they never really embraced this element of the show and just kept on with their interminable (or shambolic - you choose) waffle.

It was such a pointless addition that our sensible idiotholes vetoed the whole idea of extra time.

Furthermore,  the new time of day meant they had several minutes of newsreader waffle to interact with.....or not.

It makes you appreciate how much harder they have to work to fill the time at BBC 6Music responsibly

Saturday 28 August 2010

It's Saturday Night and time for Fiddle Me Tinker #AdamAndJoe

Apparently, there is some kind of Big Brother Show Nostalgiathon on the telly this week.
I thought it was only right to remind everyone that Chantelle is a delightful, articulate raconteur, you know?

From 7th January 06
A little trivia nubbin for you: It was a year ago this weekend, that the Adam and Joe 6Music Show returned from holiday, rebranded as Boggins.

Friday 27 August 2010

IT Crowd and the importance of a live studio audience #AdamAndJoe

Apparently, we have Cornballs' blessing to say It Crowd OR I T Crowd. That's a relief.
Joe Cornish conducts a sexy interview with Adam Buxton, star of stage and screen.
Adam explains the finer points of filming a sit-com in front of a live audience.
I don't need to tell you any of this. You wouldn't be here if you didn't intend to listen for yourself.

From 25th February 06

Thursday 26 August 2010

Crap Commentary Corner - Daniel Craig, the Poshie #AdamAndJoe

I'm back on track again today. If you'd like a thorough taste of one tiny, but epic corner of Scott Pilgrim vs The UK Day, have a noodle around here as it really captures the insanity and jolly spirit of Ultra Culture Cinema.
I've been meaning to put one of these here for a while because I love the jingle. It's from Joe. Remember the days when Joe put in an honest day's work?
In choosing a representative clip, I felt that it had to be one from the most prodigious film makers to contribute to the strand. (I called it a strand. If that's not puffing the irregular feature out of all proportion, I don't know what is.)

From 25th February 06
There's a ridiculous amount to love about this. The jingle has been my ringtone in it's time, for a start. Joe lapses into his Tim, Nice But Dim which is a rare joy. This is later in the XFM tome so Joe is more relaxed and supportive of Adam, the long ponce with a cocky swagger. Adam is quietly loving every utterance. It feels like the good times are back.
I've purposely not given away the competition answer in the subject line. I don't want this boinging up in the wrong kind of search engine results. Goodness knows what types might start to pop in here.
I loved this show so much, I'll include another clip from it tomorrow. One for the IT Crowd fans......kinda.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Day #EdgarWright

I'm not sure how well this will go down. I wouldn't normally cruise this far off-piste but it's a big day and it can't go unmarked.
Some readers/listeners will have tickets for the Ultra Culture Cinema event tonight and I should also point you in the direction of this delightful film made for him by his nearly-namesake.
Scott Pilgrim opens all over the UK and Ireland today. It's the kind of thing you'll like. I know you will. Edgar has even put a little bonus bibble on his website for you.
So, for one day only, I am not going to post an Adam and Joe nugget here. Instead, I shall include Edgar and Joe's friend, Lauren Laverne's interview with Mr Wright.

I have deliberated about whether to put the exclusive track on here too but I think that might upset people that I really don't want to rile, so it's just the words.

You may listen to said track (around 150 mins in) and indeed, all of Lauren's glorious show, for the next six days right here.
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, with any luck. To be honest, I had hoped the BFI would have their film of last week's interview to embed by now.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Silent Chatting #AdamAndJoe

I'm uncertain of my bloggees' demographic but I'd guess it's a healthy mix of 6Music lovers, XFM lamenters and long-term World of Wonder idiotholes.
In an attempt to juggle outside the box today, here's a couple of links to old bits from the press that make me chuckle. This was from The Mirror in 2004 and squeezing deftly between the cracks of time, Channel4 still seem to have an old chitty chat on their servers (unlike a lot of the old C4 links I had).
If reading seems too big an ask, you can listen to Lauren's interview with Joe's lovely, glossy-locked buddy, Edgar Wright.

Monday 23 August 2010

Podcast Intro Day: Roobarb And Custard #AdamAndJoe

This podcast introduction needs no introduction. It does, however require a few judicious bleeps.

From the podcast of the 3rd October 09 show

Sunday 22 August 2010

Rustic, home-made Vocoder interlude #AdamAndJoe

Sometimes on a Sunday, I like to indulge my ears with more than one dribbly pearl of nonsense and this is one of those very Sundays.
If I need an extra bit of cheer, I often reach for the show broadcast on 13th June 2009.  It holds a special place in my heart and I've posted many a jolly nugget from it. Here's a tiny one that I believe has hitherto escaped blogging exposure

Jesus Say: Lo, indulge thyself #AdamAndJoe

Since this is Jesus' day (is it, or is it just God's day? It's not my specialist subject), I have chosen a get-out-of-hell free soundcard, albeit from Christmastide but nonetheless helpful if you need to be exonerated from that little bit of over-indulgence you've been feeling so guilty about

From 22nd December 2007

Saturday 21 August 2010

Celebrity Regression #AdamAndJoe

I often wonder if the lucky people who phoned into the XFM shows are still dedicated fans and perhaps they even tweet.
Several definitely sound as though they're just freebie chasers but somehow, I feel that Sam and Westminster Abbey might be Squadron members. [wistfulthoughtbubble]~~~~[/bubble]

From 29th October 2005

Friday 20 August 2010

Adam is very authoritative #AdamAndJoe

A little discussion about tortoises and the frailty of world domination.

From 21st December 2007

Thursday 19 August 2010

An Unexpected Entry from Boggins #AdamAndJoe

Joe's mention of bare-foot waggling like an irritating dog brought sweet, stinky Boggins into the studio for a bit of unintelligible banter and inappropriate licking.
Make the most of it. I don't drag Boggins out very often, if I can help it. (Really looking forward to November when we meet Pusshkin, the Adam and Joe cat - voiced by Joe, derided by Adam)

From 19th September 09

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Straight back down to earth with the Poo Bread story #AdamAndJoe

I do hope that Kevin was listening to this.

From the 7th March 09 podcast, though it was in the live show too

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Egg Corns and Fake Laughter #AdamAndJoe

Since Joe will be interviewing his little mega-star chum this evening, I really wanted to find a clip where he alludes to his friendship with Edgar Wright for today's bibble-bob. However, in haste I could only find the "peple I know told Harmony Korine" Gummo/Cowell bit and I think I've posted that one before.

So we just have your regular, run-of-the-mill revelation that sometimes, their laughter is more in the department of support than amusement.

from 7th March 09

Monday 16 August 2010

Podcast Intro Day: Hawaii Five-0 #AdamAndJoe

As you might expect, this descends into competitive madness in a most satisfying way.

From 23rd May 09 Podcast

Sunday 15 August 2010

A Sweet Family Eagerly Await their Moment with #AdamAndJoe

This tickles me on several levels. As always, it's revealing and honest in parts then sweetly evasive in others.
Given the main thrust of Joe's point, it amuses me that he begins with "I, Joe Cornish".
Regular listeners will understand that he does that because, odd and incomprehensible though it may seem, some people who only tune in to have 6Music as a wallpapery background STILL can't tell Adam and Joe's voices apart, so to avoid any confusion, Joe often pops that little declaration into his links. He does this a) to distance himself from anything contentious that Adam might have said b) so that we can be in no doubt that the next wonderfully insightful utterance is from the silly long half of the perfect combo and c) if he's pulling his humility out of his locker in a contrite apology......oh and d) if it's a Song Wars week he just throws his name in to subliminally make sure he gets more votes like the shabby cheat that he is.
However, for some reason (and I'd love to know if anything similar happens to other listeners) every time he says it, my brain hears "I, the incomparably magnificent Joseph of Cornishly Manor". I love him and I know his head's not that far up his own botty but there's something about the way he says it.................

From 7th March 09

Saturday 14 August 2010

Friday 13 August 2010

New Music News #AdamAndJoe

Brought to you by Jazz "The Leveller" Level including a brief interview with Dan Tonsil.

From the Coke Podcast #2

Thursday 12 August 2010

Adam enjoys some snogging and Joe goes too far #AdamAndJoe

I feel that perhaps one part of that title line is making a repeat appearance but even if Cornballs cannot be trusted to sustain regular broadcasts, we can rely on the constancy of his input.

This is just a short one because I'm very tired.

From 17th March 2009

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Those Germans love to dubb the Hollywood films #AdamAndJoe

They'll rarely settle for subtitles over there. 
This is another inspiration from 5of6 and it  has a comfortable blend of Joe deploying his awful accent and extraordinary linguistic skills, nicely balanced by Adam's openly dirty mind. What more could you ask for in the middle of the week?

from XFM 3rd Series Ep 12 on 3rd December 2005

Tuesday 10 August 2010

A lesson in how to get around a press embargo for a film. #AdamAndJoe

Nugget selections made easy for the next couple of days, thanks to inspiration from 5of6.
Joe is lucky enough to get invitations to see industry and press screening of films. Sometimes these can be days, if not weeks before their general release in the cinemas and for one reason and another the distributors dictate an embargo on publishing reviews or talking about them until a given date and time. 
Joe uses his musical talents to have an intelligent and insightful discussion about The Chronicles Of Narnia, never once breaking the embargo.

from XFM 3rd Series Ep 11 on 26th November 2005

Monday 9 August 2010

Podcast Intro Song Day: Collaboration on a Theme #AdamAndJoe

The sad fact is dawning on me that there are more Monday's left before the end November than I have Podcast Intro Songs for.

I shall have to hope they return by 20th else I'll need to be inventive. Thank goodness there's so much else to plunder.

From 25th April 2009 (Camden Crawl Show)

Sunday 8 August 2010

Fleshy Weather Vane #AdamAndJoe

It seems the absence of Joe was too much to ask so here is a tiny, silly that includes him. 

I like to be a bit saucy on a Sunday.

from 5th April 2008

I Drink Your Milkshake #AdamBuxton #GarthJennings (@Tongsville)

Following Kimika's reminder of yesterday and safe in the knowledge that surely a few Adam and Joe lovers must have watched "There Will Be Blood" last night on BBC2, I dug this gorgeous little sound bibble out of the archive.

From 15th March 2008

Giving Joe a rest today but there's enough joy that I doubt anyone will notice...........

Saturday 7 August 2010

Adam, Garth and a few pixies......and Joe is working veryhard #AdamAndJoe

To make up for yesterday's tiny one, I done a much bigger one today.
This was inspired by a tweet from the lovely, talented Kimika. If I was an Auntie worth my salt, I would have found the exact podcast to which she refers, especially since the film is on BBC2 tonight.
This is one where Garth has his feet wedged nicely under the table between the legs and the tongue & groove of the floorboards -  a point about which Joe takes a little umbrage as he phones in (no, literally) his contribution to this week's show.
I think this gives a little insight into why Adam was not allowed to have guests filling in with him while Joe has been making his film for this interminable amount of time.
Garth says something horrible about Lady Miss Kier which is completely out of character for the nicest man in the world and he is immediately full of remorse. In most people's terms it was just a slightly derogatory aside but the nicest man in the world understandably feels it is 'horrible'.
Joe goes all 'showbiz reporter' on our arses as he tells us about the movies he's seen and the palpable excitement in his fragile little body from some David Blaine loogie-of-death action. He continues to name drop for the rest of phone call. It's a lovely rambling piece and even manages to reference Doot Doo

from 27th September 2008.
I made a post on my bigger, sillier blog last week and almost as if we were in some way synchronised, after months of silence, Adam did one too. The main difference is that Adam's is packed full of interesting things to read, including the final release of his Festival Song video, a report from his time at Latitude and further mention of a November return for the Nation's Favourite Show.

Friday 6 August 2010

A bit of voice porn #AdamAndJoe

This is probably just me and my silly, susceptible ears.

Adam seems to be pushing his voice that little bit deeper into my earholes in this nugget and you really don't want to know what Joe's melon-enhanced slobbers are doing to me. It's only a shortie today. Enjoy!

from 26th September 09.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Adam Buxton discusses the Latitude Festival with Roundhouse ArtsAttack #AdamAndJoe

The lovely people from the Electric Proms' own Roundhouse went along to the Latitude Festival and caught up with Adam, this time.
I do recommend that you listen to the whole programme but here is Adam's bit, saved for posterity.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Sunday Sunset at Glastonbury 2010 #AdamAndJoe

For my rather damp disclaimer, please read yesterday's post.
Today's is shorter than yesterday's but it is wall to wall action whereas the Saturday film included a pre-recorded quiz with Wild Beasts played over what was mainly a shot of Joe's clay model of Fidel Castro.

Misappropriated from the BBC website.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Saturday Sunset at Glastonbury #AdamAndJoe

Now, let me set out by saying that I am not in the business of bringing down the BBC. Goodness me, I am such a worthy supporter. I even have a ticket to 6Fest (I know that doesn't fund the BBC  but I thought it deserved a plug).
It is not my intention to upset anyone at the Castle but there are people in other parts of the world simply longing to see the Glastonbury webcam films from Saturday and Sunday. They didn't make it onto the internationally visible BBC YouTube channel so I'm putting them here.
It's at the risk of either upsetting the Centurians or worse still, slightly miffing our worshipful Commanders for once again, reminding them what they look like on the webcam.
Personally, I think they look delightfully silly and a tiny bit delicious but discernment is not one of my strongest merits.

Don't forget you can see Friday's webcam on the BBC's YouTube here. If I put Saturday & Sunday on MY YouTube channel, I will almost certainly get an official slap from the authorities but nobody comes in here, do they?
These could send my storage over the edge so I may take them down after a while, anyway.

Monday 2 August 2010

Podcast Intro Song Day: Thunderbirds #AdamAndJoe

Wherein Joe makes a couple of false starts and Adam remains moderately patient with him.

5th December 09

Sunday 1 August 2010

Professor Buckules will be giving today's Lecture on Worms #AdamAndJoe

There is quite possibly no greater authority on this subject and I feel we might all learn something from him. Sadly, it's just about worms, dull old wiggly worms.

from 18th April 2009