Friday 29 July 2011

America inspires Adam Buxton and endorses Joe Cornish #AdamandJoe

Any regular visitor to this corner will know that in an ideal world, I'd like it if Adam and Joe both had new nuggets of productivity concurrently whether that be together or individually.

It gives me some satisfaction on this day which sees the United States release for Attack the Block to also discover that Adam has been proffering his parody pickle (yeah, whatever) over the inspirational work of Mr Chris Milk.

So here you are.....take a look and a giggle at Adam's parody and then go to see Attack the Block  in one of six U.S. cities or Toronto, Canada. There will surely be more to follow.


WARNING: This is a spoilerama event.


Thursday 28 July 2011

Attack the Block's Tom Townend discusses his choice of film stock #AttacktheBlock

Attack the Block was filmed in 35mm using Fuji film stock. For the Summer issue of their periodical magazine Exposure, Tom Townend discusses his choice with Quentin Falk.

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Joe Cornish & John Boyega discuss Attack the Block on US Daytime TV! (New Day North West - Seattle)

Forgive me for powering up the silly-o-matic at this time of night but through no fault of my own, the great big blighter has moved me, once again. Having watched Joe since he was a young strip of a pizza-faced idiothole awkwardly grabbing a few seconds of screen time nearly twenty years ago, now he's talking assuredly on a daytime sofa like a proper human. 


Picture with thanks to Greg.

Joe and John are in the middle of a short press tour, taking in Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Diego and I presume L.A. and New York. This morning they were on New Day West in Seattle.

Both Adam and Joe have wriggled their way into our homes and hearts with their silly pop-cultural cupcakes and we must be forgiven for taking a ridiculous pride in their success.

There are a couple of rumours about projects Adam may be embarking upon.

These are indeed, exciting times for these........National Treasures.



Please try to catch Adam Buxton in Bristol on 23rd July, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 25th to 29th August, in Greenwichon 10th September, BFI BUG27 at the end of September and in Hull on 3rd November.




Attack the Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish, can still be found on a big screen in a very few places in the UK but is currently opening around the world to great acclaim.


If you're in London, it's showing in an inspired piece of programming with Mars Attacks! atThe Riverside Studios this Thursday and The Prince Charles starts it reparatory run from Friday.  Joe will be 'in conversation' at Somerset House at the end of the month.

The DVD and Blu-Ray will be in our UK stores on 19th September.


Monday 18 July 2011

A Bowientiful, Buxtom Cornballucopia ...wuzz #AdamAndJoe

A little bit of Bowie twitty chat with a lovely lady from Chicago prompted me to gather this lot together.

I wish to make it very clear that Adam and Joe's love of Mr Bowie knows no limits and all of this nonsense is done with the deepest respect, affection and admiration.

Adam took inspiration from his beloved Labyrinth for this audition piece.

....and even made this haunting melody.

Staying in that goblin king area, Den of Geek paid their dutiful respects to Adam and Joe when they rounded up their top ten Bowie Impressions as part of their Labyrinth Anniversary celebrations.
1. Adam Buxton
There was only one person who could really top this list, and that's the man who's done more in recent years for the humble Bowie impression than anyone else. I am talking, of course, about Count Buckules himself, Adam Buxton of Adam And Joe fame. Scratch that, make it two people. They both deserve the glory.
High functioning Bowie obsessives and experts in Bowie dialectology, Buxton and Cornish have harvested the fruit of their decades-long Bowie fixation to bring us a special gift, the one size fits all Bowie impression. They've managed to distil any utterance by the man who sold the world down to just two beautifully precise, repeated syllables, wuzza wuzza.
It's a capsule Bowie impression and there's no other way to describe it but genius. Sheer wuzza wuzza genius. Congratulations, Adam and Joe. We think a celebratory Bowiesnack might be in order.
They included this film by Chris Salt using Adam's lyrics and track in support of BBC Radio 6Music:

Who can forget them riffing on the notion that Mr Bowie might be a surprise guest at Glastonbury 2010?

I really WISH there was a different YouTube version of Joe's Bathtime for Bowie song because I loathe this stupid picture & the sound quality is rubbs. However, don't forget you can buy this and literally tens of other Adam and Joe songs here.

They mention their beloved Bowie at some point during every radio show but like to give him special reverence at Christmas.

...and here's a bit of randomosity that we've grown to expect, accept and love.

and a Bowie Burst in here...

...and a chat about Bowie's Boggins stance:

BrianEggo collected all these nuggets to embarrass the idiotholes for time immemorial.

When Adam and Joe discovered the above, they responded thusly during their next show.

I did hesitate to include this next one. Adam is such an unfalteringly honest soul and we all love him for it but in this case it bothered Joe and in hindsight, may have bothered Adam. I hope I'm doing the right thing. To my mind, if anything, it amplifies their true love and appreciation of David by not blindly fawning over every aspect of his output.

and another from the slightly contentious department, they discuss The Office and Doctor Who.

Sunday 17 July 2011

The orphans of the final Black Squadron command #AdamAndJoe

Nobody really seems to know why the Adam and Joe gallery is such a source of frustration. It's clearly a clunky bit of software to handle but all too often, the pictures described on air (and therefore received and opened at the BBC) do not appear in the gallery and there are often dupes of lack-lustre entries and two attempts from the same household whereas many submissions from the faithful squadron troupes are omitted and several thumbnails refuse to show up properly.
We don't know when and even if there will be another live show, inviting command action and many people felt that Glastonbury may have been a last chance to earn their stripes.  To that end, I have gathered a few stray pictures tweeted on the day that didn't make it into the official gallery. I believe these are just as worthy as those chosen by the BBC. If you have a picture that you submitted on the day, let me know and I'll add it to this little list.

The heart and soul of TwitSquadron, the incomparable WickWox, a.k.a. Roo/CyberRuby

Yet Another Jon and his Pyramid Stage crowd

The lovely Chezza's entry

Banjo1973 with Boggins

I nearly ran out of time but this was my feeble entry. I didn't expect this to make the gallery as it's rubbs but I wouldn't want anyone to think I hadn't taken part!

Thursday 14 July 2011

Attack the Block, in an urban forest, for free with food and trees and grass. #AttacktheBlock

This almost seems too glorious to be true.(*SEE BELOW)


The lovely people at the Elephant and Castle Urban Forest are playing host to a Colorama Cinema screening of Attack the Block tomorrow (15th July 2011) at sunset.........and it's completely free!

Just to be clear, this is within an alien's swipe of where much of the film was actually shot in the cameras with the Fuji stuff!

Bring your blankets and cushions as it seems there's a grassy knoll upon which to loll.....................and LoL.

Reports of a BBQ and a request to 'Bring a Dish' make this more enticing by the minute. I would imagine the BBQ is not free, it should be said.

I would also recommend you bring a friend to grab for the scary bits. Horror is always more visceral in the open air....and this is in a forest, for goodness sake......near the site of a known alien invasion.

Weather Check: 




*Turns out it WAS too good to be true. Apparently, in the actual event, the projector didn't turn up until close to 10 pm and the film shown was The Hereafter, rather than Attack the Block.

I'm so sorry if anyone was disappointed but it certainly sounds like a fun evening irrespective of the change in film and lateness of show.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Squadronbury in tiny video form #AdamAndJoe

I've compiled a gallery of pictures from the beautiful and generous members of Black Squadron who braved the mud to join our Commanders on 25th June in Glastonbury this year which you'll find in an earlier link. Here are three tiny but gratifying videos from the YouTube.

and a shoutout for #TwitSquadron

and there's one more here that I couldn't embed.
Happily, somebody mashed the morning's efforts into the film footage.

Squadronbury in Pictures ! #AdamAndJoe

While Twitsquadron were frantically typing, dedicated members of Black Squadron were enjoying their just reward for getting down and dirty on Worthy Farm with Commanders Buckules and Cornballs.
Here are some pictures scooped up, mainly from Twitter*.  If I've included your picture or likeness against your will, please let me know & I'll remove it forthwith.

If you don't want to ponce about with a slideshow, the link to the set is here (with thanks to @SmiteHim for pointing that out).
Don't forget you can still download loads of podcasts, including the ones from Glastonbury, here and Adam and Joe still have a Glastonbury 2011 page at the BBC website. It will take you to more photos, amongst other delights.
Adam Buxton is playing Latitude, Greenwich and Cheltenham Festivals in addition to his usual BUG shows at the BFI and Norwich Playhouse. He's also taking BUG to Edinburgh for a few glorious days and doing specials in Bristol and Hull.
Joe's film, Attack the Block continues to open throughout the world and will be available to rent and buy in the UK on several formats at the end of September. If you're lucky enough to get tickets, Joe is talking about it during the Somerset House Film4 Season.
Other than that he's just meeting royalty, watching films, doing San Diego Comic Con panels, making himself sick on roller-coasters and writing.......b-o-r-i-n-g.....

* With thanks and in no particular order to:

Tuesday 5 July 2011

BBC 6Music Was Saved a Year Ago #Saved6Music

I like to think I made a small but respectable contribution to the incredible effort to Save 6Music through this tiny blog and by attending and consulting.

I can say with all sincerity, that the thing I was trying to save last year has blossomed during the intervening months into something that moves me on a daily basis, more than I could have imagined. 


Lego gold from friend of the Adam and Joe show, Chris Salt.

I found myself very near to Thommo the other day and I didn't know whether to lamp him or hug him. I opted for muttering 'oh cheer up, for goodness sake' as I passed the miserable looking fellow. It can't be easy trying to wrangle that great big institution. 


My humble effort (it's just pictures).

Saturday 2 July 2011

Wishing Stephen! a bright tomorrow...and a podcast trail #AdamAndJoe

Not only the precipitator of a worldwide phenomenon but also I feel, part of the 6Music family, Steve (Stephen!) Curran had a beautiful earworm played out by Shaun W Keaveny the other morning to mark his last day in a long-held position of work. You can popropriate the arse out of this by singing "Steve's Leaving Work". I know I did.

6Music has been using the term "best bits" in this trail for over a week now. I think they mean the podcasts*.

If you're tickled senseless with the memory of when Joe was a bit cross but felt unable to do his own ranting on air, you can relive the glorious memory in all it's volume and giggles, here (other clips are available, or probably will be in the fullness of time).

If a podcast simply isn't long enough for you, sadly there are only a few more hours to catch to the final Glastonbury show on the iPlayer and don't forget to check out the latest 6Music blog entry to orientate yourself while you're listening.

*I do have issue with this, lovely Beeb. If people 'go to the 6Music website' as suggested, they see a link marked Best Bits but it doesn't have anything about Adam and Joe. You'd have to know they were referring to the podcasts to try that link in the menu bar and since they are understandably no longer listed in the programmes department, a newcomer to the station would probably leave with a shrug. 

Furthermore, the Glastonbury shows were only accessible via the Glastonbury microsite and not through Adam and Joe's area. The effect on their placement in the Most Popular section of the iPlayer was quite dramatic as a result. Just Saying.