Tuesday 27 November 2012

WHISTLE NOW! The Adam Buxton and Edith Bowman Show Trail #3 #AandE

After a brilliant show last Saturday, 6Music have made a new trail to air this week.

The show is still available on the iPlayer and also in a handy, condensed pod-form.

Friday 23 November 2012

Attack the Block on @Film4 OD for only 30p today! #attacktheblock #joecornish #johnboyega

It hardly seems possible but the lovely people at Film4 are celebrating their 30th birthday by offering thirty of their carefully selected films for just 30p a plop!

You can see the full list of remaining films here.

Seems like a good time to share Joe's introduction to Film4's recent British Connections season. Warning: Joe's using his Back Row voice because he's grown-up and authoratitive now.

 with thanks to but without permission from Film4.

Aaagh, can ya spare 30p for a cup o' filum?

When Film4 showed Attack the Block on telly earlier this month, it trended above Alan Carr!

Since we hear so little of Joe Cornish these days, indulge me further while I tell you what's been keeping him so busy.

He's been skating, or not

and telling young, impressionable people how wicked it is to be in Steven Spielberg's speed dial.....only he didn't call it speed dial, what with them being young people.

Other than that, he's just been watching daytime telly and doodling and listening to 6Music.

Adam and Edith visited Lauren Laverne #AandE

Now that this has slipped off the iPlayer I reckon I'm OK to put this little chucklesome interview here.


From Auntie LaLa's Show on 16th November 2012

Tuesday 20 November 2012

The Adam Buxton and Edith Bowman Show Trail #2 #AandE

It's got clips from the first show and everything.

Don't forget you can listen to last weekend's show on the iPlayer and download the podcast too.

The next show is on Saturday 24th November, 2012.

Adam & Edith are back for more recollections from celebs & your Memory Bank, the bears are back & need a new home for a few days. Adam & our music producer have met to get started the #1 song of 2013, so listen in to hear the work in progress! And get a selection of more conventional music to kick of your Saturday in style.

There's also an amazing podcast from Richard Herring's wonderful Leicester Square series wherein Adam speaks for nearly two earth hours.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Dave and Spadge take a trip to the Pencil Museum inKeswick #AdamAndGarth #Sightseers

To get you in the mood to pre-book a seat for Sightseers, Big Talk/Film4/BFI/Studio Canal's latest film from Ben Wheatley, Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, I can't think of anything more pleasingly silly than this tiny nugget from the olden days.

(From 20th Sept 2008)
Sightseers will be in all good UK cinemas from November 30th, 2012

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Dr Buckles and Nurse um Botties trail on 6Music #AdamBuxton #EdithBowman

6Music have started to trail the new Saturday morning show which is just  coming soon.

Adam Buxton and Edith Bowman start their show on 6Music at 10am on 17th November 2012 and it runs for seven weeks.

The good times will soon be here.