Saturday 26 December 2009

Adam Buxton's incredible personal gift to Joe Cornish

Once again, Adam shows passionate care for his dear comedy partner by insulting his ears with a home-made Dylan Christmas CD.  I've linked all the other gifts but of course, this one is so unique, so touchingly personal, that all I could do was post Joe's detailed aural description of the packaging and a couple of clips as aired on today's show.
ETA: Adam has put lovely, clean, perfect, full length versions of his Dylan songs on the BBC 6Music Blog for you to enjoy properly. Thank you Buckles!

Usual Disclaimer: I really hope I'm not causing any distress to the Beardy Viscount Buckules, the tinsel bedecked Commander Cornballs or indeed any of the Castle keepers by posting this.  If I am, please find some obscure way of letting me know and I shall cease and desist as any good squadron member would.

The Gift of Adam and Joe

With the last honey drenched tones of their lovely voices still dripping luxuriously from my earholes, I've collected a shopping list if you want to relive this final show in your own home with your own cherished comedy partner.
The Easy Button
Daily Mirror Sports Pages/Cornish style wrapping paper.
Female Force
Ant & Dec
Bicycle Diaries - sadly out of stock, currently
Free NME Kings of Leon poster/wrapping paper
Nuts DVD
I can't link the unique Buckles/Dylan Christmas CD, sadly but I might pop some sound bytes together later......

Wednesday 2 December 2009

#TwitSquadron: Help give Megan (@discho) the birthday of her dreams!Sign Here

One of the most beautiful Twitsquadron members of our rank has a birthday on Saturday and I'm wondering if our combined forces can make her dream come true by eliciting a mention on the show or even a lickle song.

She'd probably like a gentle kiss from Joe and a lick from Boggins so lets see if collecting a few comments here from other squadron members might do the trick. I realise they get literally hundreds of requests for dedications but perhaps we can have a voice from the merits of our special Twitter solidarity. Let's make this happen!

I'll collect them together and mail them later on Friday or early on Saturday.

You can post a comment using your Twitter account and don't worry about being a Black Squadron member. This is an all day operation.

If nothing else, let's collect some birthday greetings for Megan!