Monday 27 August 2012

Adam Buxton & Shaun Keaveny in retro jingle-off #BBC6MusicBreakfast

When Adam was in London last week, he sat down with a few delighful young men to chat about Adam Buxton's BUG on Sky Atlantic HD. The last episode of series one* starts airing tonight.

One of those young men was Shaun W Keaveny who will always hold a fond place in my heart as his painful, two week absense from 6Music in August of 2007 (yes, this time five years ago!) heralded the opportunity for Adam and Joe to ram their silly feet in the BBC door and sneak back in.

Shaun usually spends about ten minutes talking to some hopeful, eagerly flaunting his wares into the ears of listeners better employed in the task of preparing for work but today, the day of summery lie-ins for so many of us, he treated us to nearly half an hour of Buxty joy.

It all began with a jingle-off which is how I shall tease the interview.  Eventually I shall put the whole thing up here but while there's life in the iPlayer link, I'll just leave you with a whet-down.

Shaun's show is always a chucklesome listen from the start but if you simply cannot wait for a bit of Buxty, shimmy along to just past the 2 hour mark on the iPlayer.

Matt Edmondson will also share an interview with Adam during his Radio One show this Wednesday and there's a great podcast with the fellas at Empire magazine here.


*surely there will be more series? You know it.