Thursday 28 June 2012

The best sounds you're likely to get from Adam and Joe #GlastoMemories

It may have been a little too cruel of me to link this at the weekend. I might have been accused of blighting the progress of our sport ball team.

This link must surely contain examples of our very favourite emissions from these lovely men.

There are few things more cockle-warming that hearing Adam reduced to uncontrollable, emphysemic giggles and I always picture Joe insisting that he be given the Jarvis Mike to make him sound extra mellow and sexy for this show.  It's from the 2010 Sunday Glastonbury show.

From 27th June 2010

(If you want to hear the exchange they had with Jarvis Cocker just before going on air themselves, it's right here. Joe sounds disgusting but slightly in awe. Buckles sounds warm and lovely.)

and from the same weekend....this is for @PowellWarren because he asked....

From 25th June 2010

Wednesday 27 June 2012

GETS! You can sort of play this using Twitter and stuff #AdamandJoe

From the BBC3 show Adam and Joe Go Tokyo.

If you're not familiar with this show and imagine this is one of the sillier moments, you're wrong. This is just a regular day in the life of 2003 Adam and Joe.



I'm not quite sure how I think this might work but I've made some little images you can use to play Gets! with your friend online. Drag them to your desktop and start playing somehow.

Acchi muite! Gets!


They're a bit rubs.

Monday 25 June 2012

Podcast Intro Day: Stupid Sound Check #AdamandJoe

This was, of course, the Glastonbury weekend last year.  There was no sung intro from the Friday show but I thought I could legitimately plop the Saturday one in here.

From 25th June 2011

I shall save the final Podcast Song for next Monday, if I remember. Once again, it's Boggins based and it's Adamglorific.

ETA: I forgot. I'll post it when I've caught up on a couple of stragglers.

Monday 18 June 2012

Podcast Intro Day: It's another outro & this time, by alistener. #AdamAndJoe

If you haven't caught up with the big BUGtv and next Cornballs project news, hurry over here.

It's a relief that Joe has been given another little job to do because his tickling skills have clearly diminshed. He was unable to cause much damage to Adam's farewell sustain.

The gorgeous James Stirling, producer of so many wonderful BBC radio shows and compiler of the podcast, plopped a little present in, after the outro trail. I don't think we ever had a name check for the artiste of this wonderful little ditty. Why Be Denny Different?

Both from 18th June 2011

Monday 11 June 2012

Podcast Intro Day: Joevenilia #AdamAndJoe

This time last year, Joe hoisted himself by the very petard* he so feared in his silly, idiotic, self-agrandising, comedy way.  Adam remained surprisingly calm, for the most part.

Adam and Joe introduce the podcast with the theme tune to The Wombles.
From 11th June 2011

*If I was wanton enough to believe Wiki, it seems that "petard" can also mean an airbourne toxic event.

Monday 4 June 2012

Podcast Intro Day: Still no song but a Farewellonic #AdamAndJoe

It gives me great pleasure to post this clip today. It contains such beautiful imagery.

4th June 2011