Wednesday 29 February 2012

Joe Cornish will introduce Over the Edge as his Screen Epiphany atthe @BFI

Joe Cornish will introduce Over the Edge as his Screen Epiphany at the BFI in a couple of weeks.
If you're a BFI member, you're entitled to a free ticket. You can bring a guest for smallpence.
With priority booking for BUGs (and indeed their entire schedule) into the bargain, there has never been a better time to join this glorious establishment.
You can view edited hilights of the introduction at the BFI website.

SongWarmonger's triangle of loyaltyupdate! #NebulaAwards #NeilGaiman #JoeCornish #DuncanJones

A short prompt from Moon Man

quickly galvanised Marge into the action she had been meaning to take all along......

Friday 24 February 2012

Fantastic Nebula Awards Poster: Cornballs versusDonut #AttacktheBlock #SourceCode

Marge Gunderson, aka SongWarmonger, aka Rogue Shark has created a wonderful poster to express her divided loyalties (which I share, to some degree) in the forthcoming SFWA's Nebula Awards.

More Attack the Block wins can be found here.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

#Allowit: @LOVEFilm_Live pioneers live commentary while streamingAttack the Block! #JoeCornish

Since last Sunday you've been able to watch Attack the Block on LOVEFilm Instant.
Tonight Joe Cornish, Alex Esmail, Nick Frost and briefly, Edgar Wright sat on a sofa at Big Talk's London headquarter to waffle their way through the film while it streamed and answer Chat Room and Twitter questions. I believe this was the first time LOVEFIlm had attempted such an event and it seemed to be a great success.

The whole Q & A was once available to watch at LOVEFilm but now it says "temporarily removed". There are some photos here.

Here's a link to the costume Joe refers to

Sunday 12 February 2012

Richard Bacon Show features Adam and Joe bit

I've hesitated to post this but it's all done in good sport and it's in past now. Just let him have his fun.

From The Richard Bacon 6Music Show 11th February 2012