Wednesday 9 November 2011

Radiohead BUG Special - 29th November 2011 #AdamBuxton Not Yet Sold Out!

UPDATED:The system seems a little easier now and there are plenty of seats left in this enormous auditorium.

Available seats are indicated by a square:

It seems the Radiohead BUG is not yet sold out (see screencap) but Oscar Deutsch is not quite up to speed with modern technology.

Hopefully the ticketing system will be sorted tomorrow. /film_info/m13684/Bug_Special_Radiohead/


Tuesday 1 November 2011

Adam joins Jon Holmes with Olly Mann and Patrick Kielty at The Radio Festival 2011 #AdamBuxton

In a feature called LAST NIGHT A DJ SHAVED MY WIFE! produced by 6Music's (and what I'd like to call 'our') own James Stirling Adam joined some chums to discuss comedy on the radio today as part of this year's three day Radio Festival event in Salford.



Jon Holmes and a room full of comedic friends talk radio comedy and dissect everything from sketch shows to sitcoms, dead politicians to presenter prankery. How does comedy really work in radio, what are the pitfalls to be avoided and how can you tell if a joke will work? Radio comedy is a serious business, they say, but how important is comedy to the radio medium? Caution: No wives will be shaved during this session, although we can’t say the same for the one with Steve Wright!

Adam Buxton (BBC 6 Music), Patrick Kielty, Olly Mann. Hosted by Jon Holmes. Produced by James Stirling.


He even came face to face with Thommo but I'm sure he's matured a bit since his last confrontation and promise of threatening behaviour. You'd hope.

Here are some tweets from the event. They're best read from the bottom upwards.


RadioTodayLive Radio Today


Jon Holmes, Adam Buxton, Patrick Kielty & Olly Mann in the comedy session#radfest11 (as used above)

JemStone Jem Stone


"Was it broadcast ? Bloody right it was?" @jonholmes1 plays @stephenfry /@piersmorgan definition of countryside #isihac clip #radfest11


Really well produced session #radfest11 . Great clips, pre-filmed interviews, pacey, well chaired @jonholmes1 Closing with compliance quiz!


Miranda Hart @BBCRadio2 stint "A much harder craft. I realised how important the words were. I couldn't rely on my comedy face" #radfest11


"We kinda reinvented ourselves on the radio. If it wasn't for radio, we'd been stuffed" Adam Buxton on XFM/6music postC4 late 90s #radfest11


R4's Caroline Raphael on radio > tv comedy moves "Radio is a really good career move. It's not a cul-de-sac" #radfest11


2 clips chosen to represent corpsing: Charlotte Green "earliest recording" , "Aggers" & Brian Johnston #radfest11 Biggest laughs of session


Adam Buxton "We used to drive our own desks at XFM and that was a disaster area."#radfest11


Patrick Kielty "If you're a commissioning editor [of comedy] and you're not self indulgent then what's the point" #radfest11


"the ramblings of 2 stoned adolescents" a letter to #radio4 about the Mighty Boosh from a retired General. #radfest11


Norton - Goons; @scott_mills - Kenny Everett, @theollymann - early Moyles,@OCRadio - Steve Wright in PM #1stradiocomedymemory #radfest11


Now in radio comedy session with Patrick Kielty, @AdamRealBuxton, @jonholmes1@theollymann #radfest11