Saturday 31 December 2011

Adam and Joe Bio-drama on BBC2 tonight.....sort of #AdamAndJoe

At 9pm tonight, BBC2 are repeating Daniel Rigby's BAFTA award winning performance in the spuriously titled "Eric and Ernie" which is a thinly veiled exposé of the early days of Adam and Joe.*

*(It's not but it's brills.)

An Adam and Joe Show reminder in the form of a song #AdamAndJoe

Fondly remembering the days when they were like newly born, ramshackled foals, stumbling to their BBC feet, here's a little New Year song to get you in gear for this morning's Best of 2011 Show at 10am.

From 31st December 2007

Happy New Year's Eve and please get shitfaced responsibly

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Joe Cornish's spurtle preserved for posterity.

As tradition would have it, the last Broadcasting House show of the year on Radio4 presents one incredible person with their covetted award.

This year, that great honour went to Joe Cornish.  The event is no longer on the iPlayer although I believe the podcast is available until the middle of January. I felt enough time had passed to justify popping the clip in here.

A couple of people had their Human Christmas Tree pictures loaded onto the BH home page here and here.

Saturday 24 December 2011

The turkey can stuff itself. (Other plump birds are available - me, forinstance) #AdamAndJoe

Why would I waste time forcing bread and herbs into a place where the sun don't shine when I could make a really low quality, utterly disrespectful bit of nonsense like this?

Happy Christmas, Adam and Joe fans everywhere.
Adam read a seasonal story on Tom Ravenscroft's show last night.
You can still listen to Garth's lovely festive tune too.

Friday 9 December 2011

Will Lars Von Trier ever plunder Joe Cornish's brain for another film? #AdamandJoeXFM

I've been meaning to knock this one out and it drifted across my laser head last night by way of a reminder.

Yeah, I realise Lars saw fit to miss some of Joe's carefully thought out details when he made Melancholia but in a glass-half-full way, that leaves the opportunity for Joe to expand on the idea himself in the wait, Joe never divulges ideas he thinks he might need for himself......

From XFM Series 2 Ep 7 (as the Adam and Joe Fan Community describe it) around March 2005.


Don't forget, James Coffee Starling has sifted through a handful of the best bits from the 2011 Adam and Joe Radio Shows to make three glorious hours of 6Music joy on New Year's Eve.

Adam Buxton is having a fiddle down under in January with what I hope will be a corked-hat filled version of BUG and this means BUG29 will hit the BFI in February for which you can buy tix in January.

He's made a lovely festive YouTube video to warm your cocks and gladden your heart.

Joe Cornish has gone back to being lazy again.

If you see him in the street, just shout 'yo stretch!' and that'll wake him up. Hopefully, it won't make him drop the bundle of scripts he's carrying in a reenactment of that incident in Borders with the silly stand.

The product of his last burst of activity is available in a handy-to-wrap-for-Christmas shaped variety of boxes. Don't rent it, you fools. You'll miss all the lovely extras.



Wednesday 9 November 2011

Radiohead BUG Special - 29th November 2011 #AdamBuxton Not Yet Sold Out!

UPDATED:The system seems a little easier now and there are plenty of seats left in this enormous auditorium.

Available seats are indicated by a square:

It seems the Radiohead BUG is not yet sold out (see screencap) but Oscar Deutsch is not quite up to speed with modern technology.

Hopefully the ticketing system will be sorted tomorrow. /film_info/m13684/Bug_Special_Radiohead/


Tuesday 1 November 2011

Adam joins Jon Holmes with Olly Mann and Patrick Kielty at The Radio Festival 2011 #AdamBuxton

In a feature called LAST NIGHT A DJ SHAVED MY WIFE! produced by 6Music's (and what I'd like to call 'our') own James Stirling Adam joined some chums to discuss comedy on the radio today as part of this year's three day Radio Festival event in Salford.



Jon Holmes and a room full of comedic friends talk radio comedy and dissect everything from sketch shows to sitcoms, dead politicians to presenter prankery. How does comedy really work in radio, what are the pitfalls to be avoided and how can you tell if a joke will work? Radio comedy is a serious business, they say, but how important is comedy to the radio medium? Caution: No wives will be shaved during this session, although we can’t say the same for the one with Steve Wright!

Adam Buxton (BBC 6 Music), Patrick Kielty, Olly Mann. Hosted by Jon Holmes. Produced by James Stirling.


He even came face to face with Thommo but I'm sure he's matured a bit since his last confrontation and promise of threatening behaviour. You'd hope.

Here are some tweets from the event. They're best read from the bottom upwards.


RadioTodayLive Radio Today


Jon Holmes, Adam Buxton, Patrick Kielty & Olly Mann in the comedy session#radfest11 (as used above)

JemStone Jem Stone


"Was it broadcast ? Bloody right it was?" @jonholmes1 plays @stephenfry /@piersmorgan definition of countryside #isihac clip #radfest11


Really well produced session #radfest11 . Great clips, pre-filmed interviews, pacey, well chaired @jonholmes1 Closing with compliance quiz!


Miranda Hart @BBCRadio2 stint "A much harder craft. I realised how important the words were. I couldn't rely on my comedy face" #radfest11


"We kinda reinvented ourselves on the radio. If it wasn't for radio, we'd been stuffed" Adam Buxton on XFM/6music postC4 late 90s #radfest11


R4's Caroline Raphael on radio > tv comedy moves "Radio is a really good career move. It's not a cul-de-sac" #radfest11


2 clips chosen to represent corpsing: Charlotte Green "earliest recording" , "Aggers" & Brian Johnston #radfest11 Biggest laughs of session


Adam Buxton "We used to drive our own desks at XFM and that was a disaster area."#radfest11


Patrick Kielty "If you're a commissioning editor [of comedy] and you're not self indulgent then what's the point" #radfest11


"the ramblings of 2 stoned adolescents" a letter to #radio4 about the Mighty Boosh from a retired General. #radfest11


Norton - Goons; @scott_mills - Kenny Everett, @theollymann - early Moyles,@OCRadio - Steve Wright in PM #1stradiocomedymemory #radfest11


Now in radio comedy session with Patrick Kielty, @AdamRealBuxton, @jonholmes1@theollymann #radfest11


Friday 28 October 2011

Joe Cornish at the London Screenwriters Festival this afternoon #Tintin #AttacktheBlock #Londonswf


With thanks to @Londonswf for the picture which I have stolen, without even asking, until such time as I'm asked to remove it. *

Joe spent an hour in conversation at the London Screenwriters Festival this afternoon.  

Here follows a selection of the tweets and I'm expecting Leilani Holmes to summarise on their blog at some point. These are better read from the bottom up. I don't have time to format them any better than this at the moment. 

 Holly Wilson

Joe Cornish's talk most inspiring of today - forget everything everyone says about writing and watch loads of films! 


 writer  recommends 1970s  debut  for up and down endings.

 Jan Gilbert

 has avoided all drama boxsets he says u need to survive at dinner parties eg wire, sopranos 

 Jan Gilbert

! Lot of American reviews of  said  subversive for killing off some of his teen characters. 


 recommends mood boards as for him film is about tone and action - not so much dialogue. 


Attack the Block writer  is speaking right now at : "Reading script help books gave me writer's block!"

 Leilani Holmes

 Joe Cornish is very giving with his replies. He's an edgy guy too. I like him. He's deadly honest.

 Jan Gilbert

Lot of bulked-up subplots in  came about as Bruce Willis unavailable for filming.  

 Jan Gilbert

Joe Cornish's fav film at film school was . Top man! 

 Leilani Holmes

 Wherever possible he tried to record unmitigated behavior in the actors. But impro doesn't happen on set, it's too expensive.


Joe Cornish on 'TinTin' - "As the writer you're a guardian of the script but the film is an amalgamation of the whole teams ideas & efforts"

ha ha....after saying he'd just finished all the research for his next film, Joe is now saying he's still doing it 

 Andrea Mann

  JC did Robert McKee course & read screenwriting books, but they just made him feel like he was doing something wrong.

  JC: 'I just tried to write the sort of thing I'd want to see'.

 Screenwriters' Fest

Take advantage of all the people around you, the crew, the art directors and most importantly the actors - Joe Cornish 

 Leilani Holmes

 In one of his first meetings with Spielberg he is ashamed he asked if there were aliens in Indiana Jones 4.

 In TinTin there were challenges. He had to condense the characters to all be present at one time & add story to the weaker bits.

 Andrea Mann

  JC recommends reading the transcript of a Lucas/Spielberg/Kasden script meeting re Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

 Leilani Holmes

 He finished the TinTin script before Attack the Block was made and that was through Edgar. Peter Jackson often there in person.

 Joe just said that he read the making of Star Wars and if the Death Star came from budget constraint then it shouldn't worry us.


'Approach it as something you like & not a chore' Joe Cornish &  on writer's block at  2011

 Jan Gilbert

Joe Cornish likes writing after 3pm as that's when school ended. So writing after 3pm feels like fun; before, feels like work! 

 Leilani Holmes

 Never stop 'plussing' (improving stuff) is his thing but it can be very tiring during production when writing & directing.


'Don't worry about not writing, wait until your brain-bucket is so full of stuff that you can't not write' - Joe Cornish at  2011

'I was the best in my class at drawing the ghostbusters logo' Joe Cornish at  2011

 Leilani Holmes

 He had to test & prove the monsters worked six months before shooting.

 Joe says there's the 'withhold the monster' which can be bad if the monster is rubbish or you can work with reveal & multitude!

 Joe Cornish now talking about Attack the Block. He had an outline and a mood board of his drawings and photos, then fleshed out.


Joe Cornish - Attack The Block- came up withe idea after being mugged?!  

 Screenwriters' Fest

 Conversation with Joe Cornish 

 In the house @ Regent's College 

 may have my dream job working with  . let's hear what he has to say on the matter. 

* but I'm going to be out for few hours tonight.....

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Watch Adam hosting Never Mind The Buzzcocks on the iPlayer #AdamBuxton

It's only there for a week and when its gone, it's gone......sort of.....unless you find it in one of those other places.


If you're as fed up as I was when the announcer talked all over Adam's closing jingle jongle, he's kindly put it here for you to right click and save.

Check out the website for other hilarious clips from behind the scenes, why don't you?

You'll also find a link to this fairly old but presciant blog post.

The viewing figures were very respectable and at the moment, it looks like the iPlayer is overloaded.

I wish that page linked to Adam's Country Man films...and more to the point, when will they post the fifth episode which he has been showing at BUG for a few weeks now? ....No WAIT the DID publish it yesterday!!

Saturday 15 October 2011

Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have been spreading Ant-man rumours all over their naughty shop #AntMan

[wpvideo 0eU22C8f]

and because I was brung up proper, I thanked him.

I can be SUCH a show-off sometimes...........and he called me 'Ant-y' so that means I can work on the movie-that's-not-happening, doesn't it?



Watch Joe Cornish LIVE in the actual New York Comic Con! #Attack the Block

I have no idea if this will work or be on time but around 4pm in the UK (that's 11am on the East Coast) Joe should be interviewed live by Marvel.

Video streaming by Ustream

Friday 7 October 2011

Joe Cornish talks to BBC Radio Scotland #AttacktheBlock

For the release of the Attack the Block DVD, Joe did some more talking.

Meet Attack the Block's Pest, Hi-Hatz & Tonks tomorrow and Sunday ! #AlexEsmail #JumaynHunter #SelomAwadzi

Meet Attack the Block cast!

Reminder: Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest is this weekend.

From around 10am to 8pm in the CYBER MARKET HALL

Alex Exmail (Pest), Jumayn Hunter (Hi-Hatz) and Selom Awadzi (Tonks) will be signing photos (for a tiny fee to cover the concession rental), chatting and being generally awesome. Please go and say hi to them.

There are other events at CAMDEN HEAD and ODEON CAMDEN TOWN so you can make a day of it.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Anyone Can Play Guitar screening hosted by Adam Buxton #Radiohead #Supergrass #AdamBuxton

This promises to be an evening too remarkable to miss:

We are delighted to welcome director Jon Spira, Radiohead members Colin Greenwood and Ed O'Brien, and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass for a post-screening Q&A hosted by BUG front man Adam Buxton, plus more beats and basslines in the Benugo bar courtesy of Sonic Cinema’s co curator, DJ Tayo Popoola.


Tickets have been selling fast for this 4th November event but there are plenty left. Adam's Q&As are entertaining enough when they're with people he's only just met so imagine how cool this will be with his lovely friends.

The following soundnubbin contains many spoilers but you may remember Adam talking about the film at some length back in the day.

(From 16th April 2011, 6Music)

There are three other opportunities to see Count Buckules at the BFI in November (17th, 18th & 25th) and he's up North this month too.




Thursday 29 September 2011

In celebration of FACE/OFF @SEPicturehouse for ?5 Adam gives his Cage #AdamandJoe

Now I realise this removes the mystery from a perfectly good episode of Celebrity Regression but it was easy from the off. Lovely bit of Mysterious Cage anecdottie from Cornballs too.

From the XFM Show on 30th April 2005

Get along to the Stratford East Picturehouse!

I think there are still tickets available and they're only £5!  Furthermore, Sam and Simon will be podcasting from the screening. This is, without doubt, the best value event of edifying fun you can have in London tonight.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

How to enjoy Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish over the next few weeks #AdamandJoe



He's so busy, I don't know who's going to collect the kids from school but at least there will be food on the table.

30th September 2011 at 8:45pm - NFT1, BFI in LondonTickets.

6th & 7th October 2011 at 8:00pm - BUG8 Playhouse in  Norwich. Tickets.

 17th October 2011 at 9pm – Hyde Park Picturehouse in LeedsTickets.

18th October 2011 at 6:30pm and 8:45pm – FACT Picturehouse in LiverpoolTickets.

26th October 2011 at 6:30pm and 8:30pm – Zion Arts Centre in ManchesterTickets.

3rd November 2011 at 7:30pm Comedy Royale in Hull. Tickets.

4th November, 2011  at 8:00pm, Adam will introduce “Anyone Can Play Guitar” at the Sonic Cinema event in London (BFI)*  with some very special guests.

 5th November 2011  at 9:00pm in the Parabola Arts Centre as part of the  Cheltenham Film Festival . Tickets.

17th & 18th November 2011 at 8:45pm BUG28 at the  (London) BFI*.

25th November 2011 at 8:45pm, Adam will host another onedotzero BUG Special at the (London) BFI*.

*Tickets to all BFI November events to on sales to members at 11am on 4th October and non-members on 11th October, 2011.

With thanks to for the listing info.

Listen to Adam chatting to the lovely Picturehouse Podcast fellas when they met at the Greenwich Comedy Festival. Picturehouse Podcast: BUG Special with Adam Buxton by Picturehouses


Fresh from awards both here and here plus a nomination for Joe's script at the Writers Guild of Great Britain, Attack the Block was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 19th September 2011.

So far, I've seen three different sleeves for both formats: have the Glow in the Dark and their stores have a version with a matt sleeve and a glossy booklet inside. If you got the April edition of Little White Lies (or the little ATB mini-issue) you'll already have most of the contents of this booklet but it's a nice compliment to the package.

Other outlets (online and high street) are selling versions with sleeves that have a silver foil element to the whites on the cover art.

You can still buy the soundtrack here.

If you prefer to rent the film, you can find it at LOVE film.

Blockbuster have it both online and in their shops.They carried it to rent exclusively, a week before anyone else.

If you want to own the film but don't have the shelf space, iTunes offer a download for £ 9.99 and they have the soundtrack with the additional "Get that Snitch" track here.

Film4 have launched their 'download to rent' service via FilmFlex by offering Attack the Block for £ 3.99 which seems to be the same platform offered by Virgin's Movies On Demand.

Of course, Sky Movies Box Office are showing it every hour on the half.

If you're still kicking yourself for not having seen the film on a big screen, keep your eyes open because a film like this will often pop up at a one-off cult screening. It's been showing at one place or another over the last few weeks. You can even catch it for free on 13th October if you're around Brixton in London.

Finally, Sci-fi London's October event has booked Alex Esmail (Pest) for one of their Camden Town Hall concessions to sign stuff and have pictures taken for a small fee.

If I still have your attention, take a few minutes to listen to some of the entries in this wonderful DJ competition. It's success relies on these mixes being played so enjoy yourself!

Sunday 21 August 2011

Thank the Maker for Naomi Alderman's Genuine Enthusiasm and Intellect #AttacktheBlock.

Exactly one month before Attack the Block is released on DVD & Blu-ray and therefore one presumes, with little agenda, BBC Radio4's prestigious art's programme Front Row takes it's review of Cowboys and Indians as a chance to discuss the merits of Joe Cornish's film.

Joe's not in the room. He's not there to impress or fawn over. This is sincere and well considered comment and appreciation. Furthermore, both Naomi and Kirsty endorse the calm and intelligent nod to the current youth disturbances rather than climb aboard the ill-considered bandwagon of silly knee-jerk hyperbole.

You can read a transcript of Joe's comments on the subject here. At the same event the Torpedo Commander deployed his rubber bullet of "unfortunately, I have not yet seen Cowboys and Aliens" rather than launch an Exocet right in the area of derision. For a self-confessed idiothole, he is a master of diplomacy.

"The movie is genius"

Come over here and let me squeeze you, Naomi!  I hope Optimum Releasing heard this and address her comment about a quick re-release.

"All four thumbs up, if I were one of those aliens". Joyous stuff.

The film Cowboys And Aliens tells the story of a group of 19th century settlers, led by Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, who put aside their differences with some Native Americans in order to join forces in repelling an alien invasion. Kirsty and novelist Naomi Alderman review it, and discuss the strong similarity it has to the plot of a recent British film, Attack The Block

Don't forget you can pre-order the Double Play disc set of Attack the Block with exclusive Glow in the Dark cover here or a regular, slightly less exciting version from your usual supplier (or both, if you're a completist).

Saturday 20 August 2011

.......and the royalties keep rolling in #AdamAndJoeAndZac #TheFootieSong

With thanks to Ambleskram for spotting and alerting me to it, the glorious tones of The Footie Song can be heard during the opening package to the final segment of the BBC's new show, Epic Win tonight.

This fella reckons he has great ball skills but he's hopeless with his jewlies.

[wpvideo 0WkQnLAD]

You can see Adam's beautifully finished video for the full version of this below:


Friday 29 July 2011

America inspires Adam Buxton and endorses Joe Cornish #AdamandJoe

Any regular visitor to this corner will know that in an ideal world, I'd like it if Adam and Joe both had new nuggets of productivity concurrently whether that be together or individually.

It gives me some satisfaction on this day which sees the United States release for Attack the Block to also discover that Adam has been proffering his parody pickle (yeah, whatever) over the inspirational work of Mr Chris Milk.

So here you are.....take a look and a giggle at Adam's parody and then go to see Attack the Block  in one of six U.S. cities or Toronto, Canada. There will surely be more to follow.


WARNING: This is a spoilerama event.


Thursday 28 July 2011

Attack the Block's Tom Townend discusses his choice of film stock #AttacktheBlock

Attack the Block was filmed in 35mm using Fuji film stock. For the Summer issue of their periodical magazine Exposure, Tom Townend discusses his choice with Quentin Falk.

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Joe Cornish & John Boyega discuss Attack the Block on US Daytime TV! (New Day North West - Seattle)

Forgive me for powering up the silly-o-matic at this time of night but through no fault of my own, the great big blighter has moved me, once again. Having watched Joe since he was a young strip of a pizza-faced idiothole awkwardly grabbing a few seconds of screen time nearly twenty years ago, now he's talking assuredly on a daytime sofa like a proper human. 


Picture with thanks to Greg.

Joe and John are in the middle of a short press tour, taking in Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Diego and I presume L.A. and New York. This morning they were on New Day West in Seattle.

Both Adam and Joe have wriggled their way into our homes and hearts with their silly pop-cultural cupcakes and we must be forgiven for taking a ridiculous pride in their success.

There are a couple of rumours about projects Adam may be embarking upon.

These are indeed, exciting times for these........National Treasures.



Please try to catch Adam Buxton in Bristol on 23rd July, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 25th to 29th August, in Greenwichon 10th September, BFI BUG27 at the end of September and in Hull on 3rd November.




Attack the Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish, can still be found on a big screen in a very few places in the UK but is currently opening around the world to great acclaim.


If you're in London, it's showing in an inspired piece of programming with Mars Attacks! atThe Riverside Studios this Thursday and The Prince Charles starts it reparatory run from Friday.  Joe will be 'in conversation' at Somerset House at the end of the month.

The DVD and Blu-Ray will be in our UK stores on 19th September.


Monday 18 July 2011

A Bowientiful, Buxtom Cornballucopia ...wuzz #AdamAndJoe

A little bit of Bowie twitty chat with a lovely lady from Chicago prompted me to gather this lot together.

I wish to make it very clear that Adam and Joe's love of Mr Bowie knows no limits and all of this nonsense is done with the deepest respect, affection and admiration.

Adam took inspiration from his beloved Labyrinth for this audition piece.

....and even made this haunting melody.

Staying in that goblin king area, Den of Geek paid their dutiful respects to Adam and Joe when they rounded up their top ten Bowie Impressions as part of their Labyrinth Anniversary celebrations.
1. Adam Buxton
There was only one person who could really top this list, and that's the man who's done more in recent years for the humble Bowie impression than anyone else. I am talking, of course, about Count Buckules himself, Adam Buxton of Adam And Joe fame. Scratch that, make it two people. They both deserve the glory.
High functioning Bowie obsessives and experts in Bowie dialectology, Buxton and Cornish have harvested the fruit of their decades-long Bowie fixation to bring us a special gift, the one size fits all Bowie impression. They've managed to distil any utterance by the man who sold the world down to just two beautifully precise, repeated syllables, wuzza wuzza.
It's a capsule Bowie impression and there's no other way to describe it but genius. Sheer wuzza wuzza genius. Congratulations, Adam and Joe. We think a celebratory Bowiesnack might be in order.
They included this film by Chris Salt using Adam's lyrics and track in support of BBC Radio 6Music:

Who can forget them riffing on the notion that Mr Bowie might be a surprise guest at Glastonbury 2010?

I really WISH there was a different YouTube version of Joe's Bathtime for Bowie song because I loathe this stupid picture & the sound quality is rubbs. However, don't forget you can buy this and literally tens of other Adam and Joe songs here.

They mention their beloved Bowie at some point during every radio show but like to give him special reverence at Christmas.

...and here's a bit of randomosity that we've grown to expect, accept and love.

and a Bowie Burst in here...

...and a chat about Bowie's Boggins stance:

BrianEggo collected all these nuggets to embarrass the idiotholes for time immemorial.

When Adam and Joe discovered the above, they responded thusly during their next show.

I did hesitate to include this next one. Adam is such an unfalteringly honest soul and we all love him for it but in this case it bothered Joe and in hindsight, may have bothered Adam. I hope I'm doing the right thing. To my mind, if anything, it amplifies their true love and appreciation of David by not blindly fawning over every aspect of his output.

and another from the slightly contentious department, they discuss The Office and Doctor Who.

Sunday 17 July 2011

The orphans of the final Black Squadron command #AdamAndJoe

Nobody really seems to know why the Adam and Joe gallery is such a source of frustration. It's clearly a clunky bit of software to handle but all too often, the pictures described on air (and therefore received and opened at the BBC) do not appear in the gallery and there are often dupes of lack-lustre entries and two attempts from the same household whereas many submissions from the faithful squadron troupes are omitted and several thumbnails refuse to show up properly.
We don't know when and even if there will be another live show, inviting command action and many people felt that Glastonbury may have been a last chance to earn their stripes.  To that end, I have gathered a few stray pictures tweeted on the day that didn't make it into the official gallery. I believe these are just as worthy as those chosen by the BBC. If you have a picture that you submitted on the day, let me know and I'll add it to this little list.

The heart and soul of TwitSquadron, the incomparable WickWox, a.k.a. Roo/CyberRuby

Yet Another Jon and his Pyramid Stage crowd

The lovely Chezza's entry

Banjo1973 with Boggins

I nearly ran out of time but this was my feeble entry. I didn't expect this to make the gallery as it's rubbs but I wouldn't want anyone to think I hadn't taken part!

Thursday 14 July 2011

Attack the Block, in an urban forest, for free with food and trees and grass. #AttacktheBlock

This almost seems too glorious to be true.(*SEE BELOW)


The lovely people at the Elephant and Castle Urban Forest are playing host to a Colorama Cinema screening of Attack the Block tomorrow (15th July 2011) at sunset.........and it's completely free!

Just to be clear, this is within an alien's swipe of where much of the film was actually shot in the cameras with the Fuji stuff!

Bring your blankets and cushions as it seems there's a grassy knoll upon which to loll.....................and LoL.

Reports of a BBQ and a request to 'Bring a Dish' make this more enticing by the minute. I would imagine the BBQ is not free, it should be said.

I would also recommend you bring a friend to grab for the scary bits. Horror is always more visceral in the open air....and this is in a forest, for goodness sake......near the site of a known alien invasion.

Weather Check: 




*Turns out it WAS too good to be true. Apparently, in the actual event, the projector didn't turn up until close to 10 pm and the film shown was The Hereafter, rather than Attack the Block.

I'm so sorry if anyone was disappointed but it certainly sounds like a fun evening irrespective of the change in film and lateness of show.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Squadronbury in tiny video form #AdamAndJoe

I've compiled a gallery of pictures from the beautiful and generous members of Black Squadron who braved the mud to join our Commanders on 25th June in Glastonbury this year which you'll find in an earlier link. Here are three tiny but gratifying videos from the YouTube.

and a shoutout for #TwitSquadron

and there's one more here that I couldn't embed.
Happily, somebody mashed the morning's efforts into the film footage.

Squadronbury in Pictures ! #AdamAndJoe

While Twitsquadron were frantically typing, dedicated members of Black Squadron were enjoying their just reward for getting down and dirty on Worthy Farm with Commanders Buckules and Cornballs.
Here are some pictures scooped up, mainly from Twitter*.  If I've included your picture or likeness against your will, please let me know & I'll remove it forthwith.

If you don't want to ponce about with a slideshow, the link to the set is here (with thanks to @SmiteHim for pointing that out).
Don't forget you can still download loads of podcasts, including the ones from Glastonbury, here and Adam and Joe still have a Glastonbury 2011 page at the BBC website. It will take you to more photos, amongst other delights.
Adam Buxton is playing Latitude, Greenwich and Cheltenham Festivals in addition to his usual BUG shows at the BFI and Norwich Playhouse. He's also taking BUG to Edinburgh for a few glorious days and doing specials in Bristol and Hull.
Joe's film, Attack the Block continues to open throughout the world and will be available to rent and buy in the UK on several formats at the end of September. If you're lucky enough to get tickets, Joe is talking about it during the Somerset House Film4 Season.
Other than that he's just meeting royalty, watching films, doing San Diego Comic Con panels, making himself sick on roller-coasters and writing.......b-o-r-i-n-g.....

* With thanks and in no particular order to: