Saturday 5 January 2013

Mountford Hair Update: It's still like a cloud #JoeCornish

It must be very reassuring to know that when you write what is widely regarded as a "masterpiece", the poetry you weave within the lyric of such a tome remains a constant over the intervening years.

Such reassurance must today be the domain of one Joseph Murray Long-shanks Too-Busy-For-Radio Cornish Cornballs, or Dr Sexy if you will.

For to this day, the handsome poise of Margaret Mountford is indeed still crowned by a Barnet Fayre not unlike a cloud and Sian Williams was kind enough to embarrass the b'jesus out of the poor, dear woman on the Radio Four airwaves once again this morning to remind us.

Thanks to Katriona O'Connor for alerting me to this joyful noise.

You can listen again to the entire show here.

(Not wishing to be too picky, dear BBC but you could have got a far less compressed version from the beautiful CD released a couple of Christmases ago rather than this hissy thing sucked out of an old resources archive.)