Sunday 29 May 2011

Adam and Joe Game for Glastonbury Evening Show(s) #AdamAndJoe

G A M E      O V E R 

The Press Office have announced

that their shows will be in the morning slots

so I deem this game to now be inappropriate!

I realise this might be a stretch of my imagination but here's hoping Adam and Joe do at least a couple of evening shows at Glastonbury 2011.

Let's just imagine that it will be a mellow, balmy evening when thoughts turn to sommeliers and cicerones......and drinking games*.

Of course, the BBC would never endorse this and I've missed the important word from the title of this post but I'm looking for suggestions for drinking points which I think you can add here without needing to have an account.


*No livers have been harmed in pursuit of this lickle bit 'o fun.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

6Music Win Top Award and This Week's Trail #AdamAndJoe


It is output like this that has made BBC 6Music the National Radio Station of the Year.

We are sadly counting down the final four weeks of Adam and Joe Radio Shows.

I don't want to talk about it.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Joe Cornish chats to Pete Cooper (Radio Northampton) about Attack the Block

Pete Cooper is Bernie Keith's go-to man for DVD, telly and film inside information. He had a little phonial chat with Joe which aired yesterday morning.  You can catch the whole show here for the next six days but if you're like me, there are only so many scone throwing contests and bonnet parades you can learn about before you mind starts to wander so I've clipped the meaty and presented it on a nice doily for you.

If you'd like to catch a bit of Buckles, there's an interview with him here (Ali Plumb at Asylum UK).


Attack the Block has a WebsiteFacebook page and Twitter feed.





Monday 23 May 2011

Nick Frost and Joe Cornish talk to Edith Bowman about Attack the Block


There are some priceless moments in this so do take a few minutes to listen.

You can catch the full show on the iPlayer for the next six days.


Attack the Block has a WebsiteFacebook page and Twitter feed.




Tuesday 17 May 2011

Flailing a trailer at you #AdamAndJoe

Just to keep things tidy, here is the trail made from last week's show. Of course, it doesn't allow for Garth standing in next Saturday. I'm hoping they'll play his "I'm not Joe. Joe is the one that you know" jingle at some point.  It's here if they need it.....


Monday 16 May 2011

Joe Cornish discusses Attack the Block and 6Music with Orla Barry

Orla recorded this interview last week for airing tonight on Newstalk FM (Dublin) in her show .

Their podcasts seem to be a bit random so I've put it here for while.

Earlier in the show she played a clip of Joe doing his Jools-at-home impression.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Joe Cornish discussed Attack the Block on TALKSport today. Not a typo #JoeCornish #AttacktheBlock

I know, I know. Has the whole world gone crazy? He'll be hosting his own show on MUTV before long (does that even exist still?)

He dropped into the Sony Station of the Year 2011 to talk on The Hawksbee & Jacobs show.

I now know slightly more about FIFA than just quoting Attack the Block ad nauseam.

There's a new blog update from me with other radio dates here.


Sunday 8 May 2011

@VueCinemas Live Chat with Nick Frost and Joe Cornish #AttacktheBlock

On Friday, Vue Cinemas let Nick Frost and Joe Cornish answer questions via their Twitter feed.

I've attempted to put it here but some of the formatting is a bit wonky.

  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas Thanks to Nick Frost & Joe Cornish for a great interview, here's a pic of them from today #vueattack 
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #VueAttack - thanks again for all your questions - we had so many that unfortunately we couldn't answer them all! Picture to follow....
  •  Vue Cinemas vuecinemas #Vueattack I would have been happy doing anything - maybe the funniest bin man or something! NF - so we all agree its Nick!
  • #Vueattack Which one of you is funnier? Nick Frost - JC! I'm not a comedian - I fell into a comedy as a result of being an idiot!
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack How was TinTin? I finished on Tintin before ATB, so I'm looking forward to seeing it finished! Nick and I haven't seen it yet!
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack For JC - I'd like to work with Tom Cruise - he's really appealing and seems like a genuinely good guy! Anyone with status is good
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack Who would you like to work with most? Anyone who is good essentially - actors and great writers! NF
  • Chuzz WozzaChuzzwozza  #Vueattack Footy question for Nick - which of these would you have back at Upton - Defoe, Johnson, Cole, Lampard, Carrick
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack or maybe Bear Grylls, Ray Mears and Vanessa Feltz to help with personal issues!
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Helicopter, Hotel and something else....JC! If I was being practical, I'd say a lighter, fishing rod & assault rifle! NF
  • Not Lauren Bacallhello_resolven  #vueattack - Joe, what's your favourite film score?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack 3 possessions you'd take on a desert island? Nick Frost....
  • Ed millerEd_Strenk  #VueAttack Any ideas when the TinTin trailer will be released?
  • Chuzz WozzaChuzzwozza  #Vueattack Did you watch Psychoville last night? The Silent Singer is the best character of 2011 already...
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack for Nick, we share a large water and take a slice of bread from home! No - toffee popcorn! NF
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack popcorn or icecream - I also don't like rustling or noises, so they have to be finished before the film starts! JC
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack Popcorn or icecream at the flicks? Neither - I go for Revels, in order to keep the suspense, along with a small coke! JC
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack I like to cook with the seasons - I'm on meringues now - which aren't easy! NF
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack stroganoff for 28 years, so I do a lot of that - though you don't need to cook it for 28 years! It also depends on time of year
  • Chuzz WozzaChuzzwozza #Vueattack Were you tempted to write the Attack theme tune, in a Song Wars style
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Nick you are a good cook - what's your special? I don't really have one - I do all sorts! My mum taught me how to cook beef
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack and we get all sorts of rubbish ones. It's impossible to answer - I'll come back in 3 years?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Most embarrassing joke you've heard? JC - it would take ages, rate them all, etc....on my radio show, we have 'made up jokes'...
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas @Ed_Strenk NO! Never. Would love to work with them all - if you write it, but it has to be amazing! JC#Vueattack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Like marriage - its always healthy to flirt a bit. JC
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack Where are Adam and Simon? They are doing a new show on C4 - on camcorders!!! Doing a toy spoof of ATB
  • raj awastipexxxy Is it hard acting against green screen? #VueAttack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack accents have to be good - I wouldn't want to do an American accent as people just think 'thats NF doing an accent!'
  • Ed millerEd_Strenk #VueAttack Joe will there ever be a film starring yourself, Adam, Nick and Simon? Maybe called "Buxton Pegg and the Cornish Frost"?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Your accent in Hot fuzz was great - any more plans for accents in films? If it suits the role then yes, but it has to be good! NF
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas  #Vueattack People think scriptwriting is easy due to the likes of Big Brother and TOWIE - its not that easy! It takes time! #Vueattack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack For Paul, we planned it out and then wrote it - the hardest thing is the first stage direction- dialogue is easier! Keep going NF
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas to groups and read screen plays - compare different films! Just go for, now, now! JC #Vueattack
  • raj awastipexxxy Isn't NF a cuddly alien then? #VueAttack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack I want to be a script writer - advice? Just do it - you only need a pen and paper - show your friends - films need to be shown...
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas your own work - I loved it a lot and I wouldn't want to mess up someone elses script! JC #Vueattack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas Joe spoof of ATB with cuddly toys - then I know I'd made it! #Vueattack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Was there a temptation to do away with special effects and make ATB with cuddly toys?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack He's doing 8 volcano films next year! JC
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack Its just how it is- when Joe asked me to do this it just happened to be about aliens - maybe I'll cap it to 2 alien films a yr
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #Vueattack ATB is your 2nd alien film of recent times Nick - is there a pattern?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas ..massive ocean liners - I wanted to bring back that escapist glamour and futuristicness of them JC#Vueattack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas Where did the idea of placing it on a council estate come from? #Vueattack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #VueAttack Give us 3 reasons why anyone should watch ATB? Its fast, funny, frightening, its British - see it you'll have a good time!
  • Ed millerEd_Strenk #VueAttack Joe how did you find directing a film you had written?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas Peak means too much - I heard someone use LOL on the street the other day - NF #VueAttack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #VueAttack bare peak..nuff action..raw..raw story..bare jokes! LOLLL
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #VueAttack sum up Attack the Block in one sentence using street slang...
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #VueAttack...they have arrived and were are good to go....
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas typical celeb style, were running slightly late...fashionably late, naturally!
  • Ed millerEd_Strenk #VueAttack Joe which do you enjoy more writing or directing?
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas #VueAttack The guys are heading down now...just getting comfy and then we'll be going live very shortly!
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas We are here now - just waiting for the two funny guys! Ask them anything....#VueAttack
  • raj awastipexxxy @vuecinemas ATB sounds like a very good comic book plot! Will there be an adaptation? #VueAttack
  • raj awastipexxxy @vuecinemas Where can I get a ATB hoody?#VueAttack
  • raj awastipexxxy @vuecinemas What was Nick Frost wearing on his chin at the prem? Hot fuzz? #VueAttack
  • Vue Cinemasvuecinemas Just heading out to set up for our exciting twinterview with Nick Frost & Joe Cornish - remember, get your questions to #VueAttack