Monday 19 March 2012

6Music 10th Birthday treats ongoing and a roundup #AdamAndJoe #HappyBirthday6Music


Any 6Music listener has a right to feel warm and protective towards the station they fought so hard to save from the clutches of Thommo's evil bin bag.  That their rescue effort has afforded them a week of tenth birthday celebrations is the real glace cherry atop the anniversary cake.

For anyone who was lucky enough to take part in some of the events over the last few days :puffsoutamplechest: you will have your own special memories and quite possibly bruises. If your method of joining in was simply by listening and watching live-webcasts from Maida Vale etc, I've gathered a few additional links.

Once the studio had filled up from the eager line outside, the following missive was issued to all who attended the Maida Vale events.....and there you were thinking Adam and Joe didn't take part in the fun (with thanks to David James).

As you can see from my post last week, Adam and Joe contributed to Steve Lamacq's Family Tree History both audibly and in his animated film. At the risk of being beheaded (but this can't be worse than anything John Lydon did with Peter Serafinowicz on Saturday) I have that lovely show stored for safe keeping.

Furthemore, there are no less than 30 clips here from both Maida Vale and the South Bank concerts. They are on a 30 day fuse.

Much of this footage is available on the Red Button this week.

You can Listen Again to Gideon's show of hilights here and there's a even more info here.

Lauren's MPFree this week is from her live sessions and do have a poke around the 6Music YouTube Channel.

Finally, this caught my ears on Saturday afternoon and moved right down to warm my cockills.

From Sachin Croker on the Liz Kershaw 6Music Show 17th March 2012

This is the version of Changes he is referring to.


Sunday 11 March 2012

Happy Birthday 6Music. Lamacq's Family Tree #AdamAndJoe

It's on the iPlayer and ordinarily, I'd try to wait until it expires before posting a clip but we've missed them, haven't we?


I strongly recommend you listen to the entire show because it has been beautifully and lovingly put together but here is a clip of Tom Robinson's memorable moment which happily includes Dr Buckles

Given that this documentary, covering ten years, was only an hour long, I think Adam and Joe were given a good slug of the action. That said, I'd love to hear the out-takes, of course.

You really could have a wonderful time checking back over all the lovely 6Music shows today and there are many more events to come next week.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Putting a Face to a Name and Voice: Anne O'Grady of Bakerloo #AdamAndJoe

We all remember the train announcer section of Traveling Tales during last year's season of Adam and Joe 6Music Shows.

[wpvideo YfPMZHqB]

Friday 9 March 2012

Saturday 3 March 2012

For @mcMiddleClass : Adam and Joe at the Tate Modern (XFM12 Podcast Intro) #Adamandjoe

I have been shamed for not remembering where this Tony B-liar reference fell within the great tome of the Adam and Joe oevure.  I should make it clear that the gentle ribbing came more from @SongWarmonger and @EthanRunt but it made me pull up my socks. By that, I mean I popped my XFM pods on for breakfast this morning.

Here we go:

Thanks also to @SLPriorGirling for suggesting (in response to this)  that I checked the XFM Podcast #16 which, in my opinion, is the absolute funniest in a basket of very, very funny things.

The XFM links on iTunes seem to be completely dead now. They've been gradually falling off since January. The forum team will make them available soon, I'm sure.

Don't forget there is a tiny Best Of Adam and Joe airing on Radio2 tonight at 10pm......but this morning, Peter Serafinowicz' wickles show is on 6Music at 10am. He is joined by none other than Terence Stamp today. I'm of the age where a short swoon is apporporiate but never mind that. He IS General ZOD!

Friday 2 March 2012

The Best of Adam and Joe on BBC Radio Two tomorrow #AdamandJoe

Like a little secret, cruely denied us lest we should emit excite messes, BBC Radio2 have noodled an hour of Adam and Joe Best Bits together as part of the 6Music 10th Birthday hoopla.

Divided into two thirty minute platters, they air at 10pm on this and the following Saturday.

It'll be on the iPlayer too. I like to imagine maybe Joe is referring to his texts to Tom Townend or his editor or maybe Mr Notary. I have a great imagination....and an idle mind

Two Sexy Doctors on the Red Carpet or 'In One Ear and Out The Other' #JoeCornish

Off the telly from a couple of weeks ago. This tickled me so there it is.


BAFTA Red Carpet - let it load or click the's a tiny animation.