Saturday, 26 December 2009

Adam Buxton's incredible personal gift to Joe Cornish

Once again, Adam shows passionate care for his dear comedy partner by insulting his ears with a home-made Dylan Christmas CD.  I've linked all the other gifts but of course, this one is so unique, so touchingly personal, that all I could do was post Joe's detailed aural description of the packaging and a couple of clips as aired on today's show.
ETA: Adam has put lovely, clean, perfect, full length versions of his Dylan songs on the BBC 6Music Blog for you to enjoy properly. Thank you Buckles!

Usual Disclaimer: I really hope I'm not causing any distress to the Beardy Viscount Buckules, the tinsel bedecked Commander Cornballs or indeed any of the Castle keepers by posting this.  If I am, please find some obscure way of letting me know and I shall cease and desist as any good squadron member would.

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