Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, romantics everywhere! #AdamAndJoe

Adam's Song for his wife:
As it's Saint Valentine's Day (apparently), here's another little dribble from Adam. I seem to remember he composed this by way of an apology for exposing one of Sarah's less alluring habits which I shall not repeat here on this day of wine and romance. It was aired exactly a year ago and dedicated with love.

From 14th February 2009 

I wonder if Joe ever had his lovely partner in mind when he wrote a song. Of course, Mr Closed Book would never divulge that information, even if he had. We'll just have to imagine him running his fingers over a tautly stringed instrument while he sings Harvest Moon to her.
If you MUST go to the cinema today, PLEASE don't see Valentine's Day. It's like the sticky residue that builds up on a pile of neglected rubbish. I guarantee you'll find Ponyo more entertaining and to make it that little bit more special, seek out a screening that hasn't been dubbed by a bunch of sugary Westerners.

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