Saturday, 3 March 2012

For @mcMiddleClass : Adam and Joe at the Tate Modern (XFM12 Podcast Intro) #Adamandjoe

I have been shamed for not remembering where this Tony B-liar reference fell within the great tome of the Adam and Joe oevure.  I should make it clear that the gentle ribbing came more from @SongWarmonger and @EthanRunt but it made me pull up my socks. By that, I mean I popped my XFM pods on for breakfast this morning.

Here we go:

Thanks also to @SLPriorGirling for suggesting (in response to this)  that I checked the XFM Podcast #16 which, in my opinion, is the absolute funniest in a basket of very, very funny things.

The XFM links on iTunes seem to be completely dead now. They've been gradually falling off since January. The forum team will make them available soon, I'm sure.

Don't forget there is a tiny Best Of Adam and Joe airing on Radio2 tonight at 10pm......but this morning, Peter Serafinowicz' wickles show is on 6Music at 10am. He is joined by none other than Terence Stamp today. I'm of the age where a short swoon is apporporiate but never mind that. He IS General ZOD!

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