Monday, 9 April 2012

Podcast Intro Day: The fleeting visit of an old friend #AdamandJoe

Back when I endeavoured to slide a soundy nugget under the front door of every day to fill the void left by Joe's dabble into a supposed 'better' career, I reserved Mondays for singy things, primarily the podcast intro songs.
Goddammit, I even made a special page and tag and stuff.
I should have started this up again a week ago to mark the anniversary of their return to 6Music last year but I was busy and shit.
This is from exactly a year ago - Star Trek.

From 9th April 2011
You can still download the full podcast from the BBC Podsite and to complete the nostalgia hit, why not visit the Black Squadron Gallery and the 6Music Blog?
Adam and Joe have been nominated for a couple of Sony's again.
Adam is bringing BUG to the Sky Arts tell-o-vision later this year and you can be a part of it in the audience.
Be warned to get there early to guarantee being seated as they necessarily have to over-invite to ensure it's full up.  Apply for tickets here. Put ADAMANT in the comment section.
Joe is sitting in his wolf pants, his sexy surgery door a tiny bit ajar while he rubbs himself up and down all the awards he's received for Attack the Block.

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