Thursday, 28 June 2012

The best sounds you're likely to get from Adam and Joe #GlastoMemories

It may have been a little too cruel of me to link this at the weekend. I might have been accused of blighting the progress of our sport ball team.

This link must surely contain examples of our very favourite emissions from these lovely men.

There are few things more cockle-warming that hearing Adam reduced to uncontrollable, emphysemic giggles and I always picture Joe insisting that he be given the Jarvis Mike to make him sound extra mellow and sexy for this show.  It's from the 2010 Sunday Glastonbury show.

From 27th June 2010

(If you want to hear the exchange they had with Jarvis Cocker just before going on air themselves, it's right here. Joe sounds disgusting but slightly in awe. Buckles sounds warm and lovely.)

and from the same weekend....this is for @PowellWarren because he asked....

From 25th June 2010

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