Friday, 23 November 2012

Attack the Block on @Film4 OD for only 30p today! #attacktheblock #joecornish #johnboyega

It hardly seems possible but the lovely people at Film4 are celebrating their 30th birthday by offering thirty of their carefully selected films for just 30p a plop!

You can see the full list of remaining films here.

Seems like a good time to share Joe's introduction to Film4's recent British Connections season. Warning: Joe's using his Back Row voice because he's grown-up and authoratitive now.

 with thanks to but without permission from Film4.

Aaagh, can ya spare 30p for a cup o' filum?

When Film4 showed Attack the Block on telly earlier this month, it trended above Alan Carr!

Since we hear so little of Joe Cornish these days, indulge me further while I tell you what's been keeping him so busy.

He's been skating, or not

and telling young, impressionable people how wicked it is to be in Steven Spielberg's speed dial.....only he didn't call it speed dial, what with them being young people.

Other than that, he's just been watching daytime telly and doodling and listening to 6Music.

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