Saturday, 29 January 2011

Attack The Block with your home-made rocket! #JoeCornish @LWLies

This weekend is an ideal time to gather all the shiny detritus that the vacuum failed to collect from your floor after Christmas and stick it onto a toilet roll to make a rocket.

You never know, it may be ridiculous enough to be included in Little White Lies special Attack The Block edition. The deadline for submissions is sometime on 4th February.  It only takes them a couple of minutes to put their magazine together so it should hit the stands the next day. (It doesn't) (It won't).


I'll be honest, I'm not sure how this Attack The Block issue will get released. Issue 34 is due at the beginning of March but the film doesn't look like it'll be out until the middle May. The nature of the magazine is that honing another topic at short notice is a big ask as they maintain an awesome standard.

I'm guessing there's some head scratching. Personally, I'll not be pleased if we're flooded with too much info more than two months before the release. I'd love it if they held off until May but I also appreciate how hard that may be and I guess they need to market the thing.

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