Monday, 3 January 2011

Over to you, 6Music #AdamAndJoeOrgy

If you only just realised this, you've missed SEVEN HOURS of non-stop Adam and Joe Gold so far today!

I've been telling you about this for a couple of weeks now so you've only got yourself to blame if you've missed it. 

The entire day at 6Music is given over to letting their DJs rest up for 24 hours. Yes, it's a bunch of repeats but good lord, WHAT a bunch of repeats.

It seems that all of today's output will plop into your podcast receiver basket as well!

Look and Listen. Shaun Keaveny is back from paternity wotnot and Matt is live with him.

This is also a good day to show some respect for all the energy and dedication put into maintaining the comprehensive service enjoyed from 6Music. So many dedicated fans galvanised their efforts in order to enable Adam Buxton to single handedly save the station from the dripping jaws of bureaucracy.*

Gosh, I think that's an excuse to put this here again.....thank you, good.

I urge you to visit the entire playlist range at the BUG Music Videos You Tube channel. It's a marvellous thing and it completely negates the need to read any of those helpful links emailed to you by friends or tweeted by followees.

That said, there is nothing to equal the experience of a live BUG show. If you make one resolution this year, let it be to catch a few of these. The organisers source the premium formats to throw up on the lovely big screen at the BFI. Who cares if the seats are going to give you serious back problems in your old age? That's years away.

The next regular BUGs are in a couple of weeks and whilst they are showing as fully booked, there will be seats released on the day.  In February, you can catch a BUG Special at the Leicester Comedy Festival and there's a Röyksopp BUG Special on 11th February back at the BFI for which tix go on sale to members tomorrow.

*If you have not witnessed Adam's 'Saving 6Music' routine & didn't bother to watch that video, you'll think I've written illogical nonsense there. Your loss.

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