Friday, 25 February 2011

Meatballs with Spicy Sauce #AdamAndJoe

In the unlikely event that you've bothered to come in here but are not equipped with all the details of the Adam and Joe Legend, during the shivery tingled Summer of 2008, they held a competition wherein they asked listeners, and in some* ways viewers, to make a video based on one of two Song Wars ditties. The competition was announced thus at the beginning of June.[youtube]

To get the imagination juices going for the listeners, Adam asked Joe how he would approach the competition.

Whilst I adore James and appreciate the hard work he puts into his time with Adam and Joe, I do miss the world weary ministrations of Jude as she tries to wrangle these unruly children.

From 7th June 2008

If you're new to Video Wars and have time on your hands, you could tickle yourself in this portal.

*one way


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