Friday, 18 February 2011

National Treasure(s) #AdamAndJoe

I think it would be fair to say that Joe holds considerable respect for the œuvre of Nicolas Cage but sometimes that can best be emphasised by exposing the flaws in the object of one's interest. You'll note that such exposition is a daily pursuit of mine, for instance.

Lovely to hear Jude in there, too.

From 7th June 08

Knowing is being shown on Sky Movies for the next few days. It starts off with some silly timings but settles down at the beginning of March.

Back in the old days when regular 6Music shows were reliable, Joe gave the Ultra Culture blog genius his appreciation of the film for publication in their now mythical Film Review of 2009. It's so precious and ephemeral that it's not even available on-line*. However, here's what Charlie Lyne had to say about the film.

* UNTIL NOW!  With kind permission.



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