Thursday, 11 April 2013

(Retro) Text The Nation Jingle Reversioning Redux #AdamAndJoe

Back in September 2010, I made a nugpost with a bit of RTTN history and various reversionings of both Joe's and Adam's Text the Nation jingle jongles.

During a recent revisit to the shows of 2011, I realised there are a few more that need to be committed to the archive.

This one was sent in by a gentleman whom, by way of a fact he revealed, hails from Glasgow which gives additional entertainment to delight and exacerbate.
By John T and from 4th June 2011

This is a personal favourite. Just a beautiful Pixies style version.

By Andy Phipps and from 11th June 2011

Joe's been spending quite a bit of time with Macca lately* so he had to chose his words carefully but there's no denying that this Beatles versioning by some real, in situ Liverpudlians is very clever.

By Nicholas Cecil Montgomery III and Dave. It's from 18th June 2011 * I really don't think he has.

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