Saturday, 27 April 2013

BUG Bowie Zenzation at the V&A #AdamBuxton

Tonight, at the V&A Bowie BUG Special, Adam revealed two animated films based on a couple of sketches from his 6Music documentary.


One of these was made by VideoWars friend/geniouz, Chriz Zalt!  He worked with the sequence where Zavid and Angie discuss a new character for his latest reinvention. As a reminder, you'll find the audio at 57 minutes here, where Neil Thomas has kindly noted "Cobbler Bob".

Scott Jones took this snapshot which I hope he doesn't mind me sharing.

Adam was careful to give Chris Salt his due credit as he did also to Dan Berry who made some wonderful drawingz which you'll find here!

I hope I can edit this later to embed the magnificent realizatitudation if & when it goes on YouTube. Everyone should be able to see something this brilliant.

The other animation was based on the Eno/Visconti sketch Adam did on his 6Music show (which you can find here at 1hr 29mins). This was made by The Brother's McLeod and once again, I do hope it turns up online soon as it was utterly brilliant.

The rest of the show was put together with the love and enthusiasm that Adam brings to all of his shows. We were told it would be 45 minutes but he did well over an hour in the end and clearly had more to tell.

I've seen sections of this routine about three times now and it's had me in stitches on each occasion. Adam always brings something different to each show he does.  A slight technical snafu gave us all a peek at the massive file of nuggets he's collected for these Bowie shows. He did hint at hoping he could make a full BUG Bowie Special from the material he'd gathered and I'd book in a heartbeat.

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