Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Mixtape Podcast International News #AdamBuxton #SaveBBC6Music

At the end of this week's podcast, Adam confirms that it can no longer be made available internationally because of legals stuff to do with licences for the music content and things.

You may have come here having clicked a link from Twitter as several people tweeted their distress last week and the Adam and Joe community like to offer some solace in all the various sizes available.

First of all, it must be stressed that this show is best heard in it's full form via the iPlayer which continues to play like a dream throughout the planet. However, the podcast has a charm all of it's own and is a beautifully compact nugget to pop in your pocket for those odd moments when your brain cannot be hotwired into a laptop for some reason.

The podcast will be stored here but not until after it has expired each week from the usual UK sources. This is as a mark of respect so that UK listeners continue to subscribe and keep it bobbling at the top of the charts . I can't see any reason why anyone would cancel their subscription in favour of a Humyo download but it saves incurring too much of the Castle's wrath.  All that said, I'm sure nobody will mind if I include Adam's message about the situation from today's pod.

So you should be able to find the wonderful Graham Linehan podcast there at the moment.

There's also a lovely Facebook group which may be able to help out.

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