Saturday, 3 July 2010

Don't panic. You're not lost really.

If you've stumbled in here via a link from Johnny Dee on today's Guardian website, then welcome, you fool.
Every day since the last Adam and Joe 6Music show aired last year,?I tried to post tiny nuggets?in an attempt to fill a void.
I stopped when Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape began because it seemed unnecessary and a little disrespectful. Since the final show in his series, the iPlayer and podcasts from Adam And Joe's amazing Glastonbury shows were enough to sate any pining squadron member.
Now that Glastonbury is fading in the memory and Adam's Mixtape is taking a break,?I may resume the 'service'.

Follow me and the entire list that the unstoppable?@WickWox has compiled under the now famous name of TwitSquadron.

Note: I try not to tweet about Adam and Joe during Collins & Herring's show.

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