Tuesday, 27 July 2010

To Stephen, or not to Stephen #AdamAndJoe

Any of my regular followers know that I have a particular logic-based bee-in-my-bonnet about it not being relevant to Stephen either Adam or Joe since we know they know about the show!
I had thought this was my own little brainial problem but no. When have I ever had an original thought?
It was a forgotten seed, deftly sewn by the shy and retiring Cornballs himself. I'd taken on board that he got a bit scared if he was Stephened in public but I failed to remember that he'd got a problem with the logic of 'attacking' the perpetrators of Adam and Joe Show with such a call and response. That's probably why my nose always twitches when I hear they've been 'done.

Obviously, I have been witness to countless instances of Adam enjoying the Stephen exchange and he is a beacon of inspiration in that respect. It seems to give him great pleasure so I would never discourage it where he is concerned.
The same cannot be said for Joe and I will not be cheap enough to imply it has anything to do with him being an aloof, haughty, international screenwriter and director. I really prefer to think it scares his silly but perfect, long body and the inappropriate application of it confuses him a little bit.
Just remember to Stephen responsibly.
(From 4th April 09 show)
It's amusing to hear that as long ago as the Spring of last year, fools were trying to suggest that Stephenage had run it's course. It seems more deeply ingrained in our social interactions than ever, right now.

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