Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Protector of Twitsquadron and her Trusty Maker/Baker featured on #AdamAndJoe's Show Today

What a glorious return to 6Music Adam and Joe had this morning. It was everything we could have hoped for and in some areas more, in others a little bit less*.

If ever there was substantiating evidence that hard work pays dividends, then the joyous appreciation of @WickWox and @Monastico's needlecraft must be that proof.

They got a wonderfully touching and well deserved mention from Adam and Joe on this morning's show for all the care they put into the wonderful banner currently bunting it's way across the 6Music studio.

It was put up during their show to welcome them back and seems to have remained there since, so far.

You can see it behind James in the top left of this picture....


but there's a better idea of it here and a small insight into how it was actually made


They sent some Jaffa Cakes along as well. Hark, listen to the J-Meister ploughing through them and Count Buckules' beautiful thanks and appreciation of the care taken. 

From 2nd April 2011

I should remind you, if it is needed, that these two lovely women were instrumental in making the wonderful sorry-your-friend-has-turned-out-to-be-such-a-ponce gift book when Joe first started to make his awesome** film.

Still there for Liz's Show and now Jon's. Good Times.



In addition to his bi-monthly BUG shows at the BFI in London, Adam is    playing Manchester in May and Norwich in June



Attack the Block has a WebsiteFacebook page and Twitter feed.

*have to admit, it seemed much cleaner without Boggins. I forget that the url for this thing still has that in it. Not much I can do about it. I named it when it was just the show that had that title.

** I say 'awesome' because I can't conceive of it being otherwise. It may be dreadful. I wouldn't know. I haven't seen it. I expect it's awesome.


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