Monday, 4 April 2011

The Trail featuring Professor Doctor David Cox and PodcastTriumph! #AdamAndJoe

I know I promised I wouldn't bother this area of the net for a while but some things cannot go unmarked.

There has been a third trail today and this one features a clip from Saturday's show.  Despite this name wonkerisation being nipped from the Podcast(or did I just miss it?), it's been blasting down the airwaves this afternoon.  Joe can be forgiven for this tongue slip because a) he has a lovely, albeit over-active tongue and b) he has a lovely friend who goes by that name.

Listen out for Joe's operatic warbling in the background of this music. Please let James give us this as a nice, clean mp3.

From 4th April 2011

With no further encouragement needed, their dreams have been answered and the Podcast went in at number one in the Comedy chart with minutes of being launched (at 7pm on Saturday). Of course, that is admirable but not quite the top potato.
However, a couple of hours later, it was #1 in the main Podcast Chart.

Earlier today, the Denny Different episode went on to claim #4 in the Episode chart where it remains as I write.

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