Friday, 15 April 2011

This week's trail #AdamAndJoe

Just to prove that I still have a pulse and that Adam and Joe can still quicken it, here is the latest trail cut from last weekend's show.

From 9th April 2011 show....airing during the following week.

The Podcast has not slipped from the top of the iTunes Main chart since two hours after the first one went up.  The episode is being selfishly kept from the top by Gervais-based fodder.

Even on a Friday, the full Listen Again show is in the top 30 of all BBC radio but it was in the top ten earlier in the week, of course.  The Adam and Joe Blog has links to the Black Squadron photo galleries and hopefully another picture from James Hood soon.

Since standing down from nugget duties, I've put a page of links together here and to spare the Twitter feeds of that tiny proportion of my followers who are not interested in every breath the idiotholes take on a Saturday morning, I have another tiny twitter account. To be honest, you don't need to follow it. You're best just tuning into WickWox's wickle list for the morning or just punch the ol' #Twitsquadron into your device (works best in an app, if you like to tweet as well as read).

You'll soon find out that I don't have a clue what I'm doing there but I did make a Facebook Page in anticipation of someone sending me a peripheral for my brain that will enable me to use it properly.

My life motto(for today): Don't expect miracles and life will always amaze you.

Attack the Block has a WebsiteFacebook page and Twitter feed.


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