Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Fond Adieu to Andrew Collins, Richard Herring and Michael Legge

Andrew Collins was joined by his friend, Michael Legge to perform the last deputising show of their ever expanding run in the 10am - 1pm Saturday slot today.

I'd like to say he'd kept the slot clean and tidy for Adam and Joe but most of the shows included his other friend, Richard Herring who is renowned for his fascination, nay obsession with messy slots. What I will say is that they certainly made it their very own and are most deserving of all the weeping heard up and down the country at lunchtime today.

Do catch their final-for-the-time-being show on the iPlayer while you can. It was a thing of beauty. We know Andrew to be a sensitive and emotional little thing but he seemed to keep it together with a confidence that implied he knows he'll never be far away from 6Music.

There was a trail

and then a song

You may know that even if some kind of bias can occasionally be detected, in the big scheme of things, I have no favourites. This is what I actually tweeted:

If there's one thing that Andrew and I might have in common, it's the desire to maintain a sense of balance, so he finished the show with Joe's song and some thank yous.

I'm sure you need no reminder but Collins and Herring have a long-standing Collings and Herrin Podcast that will effortlessly delight and offend your ears at the push of a button.


We can look forward to Andrew's BBC Radio 4 drama called Mr Blue Sky starting on 16th May in the morning and that very evening Richard will begin what must be the third series of As It Occurs To Me  for which you can buy tickets here.  In some kind of genuis/idiotic way, such is the energy of the man, he may be coming to a town near you with his Christ On A Bike tour, as well.



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