Thursday, 3 March 2011

Adam and Joe.....on the radio #AdamAndJoe #LaurenLaverne #6Music

This nuggletta is a no-brainer.

Yesterday, Adam stood atop a gusty outcrop and Joe popped his head out from under his duvet to simultaneously call Lovely Lauren with more (or fewer) details about their return to 6Music.  

Joe seems assured it's going to be 2nd April but Adam seemed to need a little more reassurance.

My work here is almost done and I shall invoke the winding down apparatus with joyful haste.

If you don't want to hear this with a burst of Dr Sexy at the can go straight to the BBC Website.

2nd March 2011

Andrew Collins made a sad but very entertaining post on his blog yesterday which you can read here. He and his unruly chum have made worthy alternatives for the duration and will no doubt return as soon as Adam and Joe get a bit tired again.


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